Liquid Nitrogen Pushes Intel’s i9-13900K Past 8.0GHz

Intel during their Innovation Event announced their long-awaited Raptor Lake lineup. This microarchitecture makes use of the same Intel 7 process as Alder Lake. Meteor Lake (14th Gen) is expected to ship with the Intel 4 node. Read more about these CPUs here

New Records Inbound

Intel’s Raptor Lake has some serious potential for dedicated overclockers. During the Intel Creator Challenge Finale renowned overclocker Splave overclocked the 13900K to 8.2GHz. This is a massive feat because the 12900K’s world records stands at 7.8GHz

Intel’s Thermal Velocity Boost can pump up the clocks to an insanely fast 5.8GHz across a single Performance core on the 13900K. But what’s the fun without pouring some LN2

i9-13900K at 8.2GHz | Intel via Videocardz

AMD’s Ryzen 7950X was also overclocked to 7.24GHz across a single core. That’s a major achievement for AMD, whose flagships topped out at 6.36.5GHz, which was termed as the ‘world record’. There will be some serious competition for every last Megahertz your CPU can pump out. This generation, we may see the 13900K/7950X clocking past 9GHz effectively taking the frequency crown.

Intel is also planning for a 6.0GHz out-of-the-box CPU shipping early next year. This is most likely the i9-13900KS which in leaked benchmarks beat the Ryzen 9 7950X by 30%. 

The i9-13900K 

Intel’s top-of-the-line i9-13900K is powered by 24 (8P + 16E) cores and 32 threads. The 13900K is fueled by 32MB of L2 Cache (2.2x more than the 12900K) and 36MB of L3 Cache (1.2x more than the 12900K). This amounts up to a total of 68MB of cache which is slightly lower than AMD’s Ryzen 9 7950X (80MB).

Starting from the 20th of October, the i9-13900K will retail for $589. Whereas the iGPU-less i9-13900KF comes in at $564.

  1. Raptor Lake Announcement : 27th September, 2022 
  2. Pre-orders for the i9 series : 27th September, 2022
  3. Pre-orders for the i5/i7 series : 13th October, 2022
  4. Arrival of your goods : 20th October, 2022 

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