Live Raizo Adds livebtfs to Use Remote HDD via BitTorrent Protocol

Live Raizo is a popular Linux distribution aimed at network administrators and CCNA students across the globe. Although based on Debian Stretch, this particular distro comes packed with everything you need to make your life as a SysAdmin easier. In addition to basic servers like dnsmasq, proftpd and openssh, the distro also comes with preconfigured Debian VMs and a number of network simulators already installed and ready to use. Also pre-installed is a bunch of software similar to that of NetKit, while services such as bind9 or openvpn are pre-downloaded and ready to be installed upon demand without needing to access the internet.

Key benefit: Fast-commands for quickly administrating VMs and configuring networking features

One of the key benefits are commands for quickly setting up interfaces, dhcp server, dns server and more. The so-called “fast-“commands also cover saving, backing up and restoring DNS3 lab projects as well as VM, USB, battery and NAT controls, which work on both the host and the VM systems. An easy-to-understand overview of all feautures and commands can be found on their SourceForge project page.

Additional innovative features to simplify your every-day life

Out of the box, Live Raizo colorizes several linux commands to highlight key information and improve user-friendliness. It also includes tools that allow users to interact with physical devices, i.e. minicom, putty and Wireshark. Creating a complicated Virtual Network can easily be achieved by drag and dropping and simulated networks act just like realistic systems.

For more details on the features and specs, or to download the small 1.1GB ISO image, visit here and give Live Raizo Linux for Virtual SysAdmin a try. You will find that there is also an easy to understand and helpful Wiki that covers how to get started, which commands are available to you and how to customize your install.

Bill Wilson
Bill is a certified Microsoft Professional providing assistance to over 500 remotely connected employees and managing Windows 2008 to 2016 servers.

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Live Raizo Adds livebtfs to Use Remote HDD via BitTorrent Protocol

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