Little Witch Academia: Chamber of Time is here for you to play

A must-play for the 'Otaku-Gamers' out there

If you are a fan of anime or anime-based games, then you might wanna take a look into BANDAI NAMCO’s recent release Little Witch Academia: Chamber of Time which is based on the series Little Witch Academia. The game has been released for PC on Steam and for PlayStation 4.

Here is the gameplay trailer for you to watch:


The title is an RPG game based on the original anime series. The additional cut scenes and in-game dialogues have been voiced by the same artists who were there in the anime series. One of the many great things about the gameplay is the combat system. You can play as any of the three characters you decide to take on with you. The combat never gets you bored and is quite addictive.

Another thing worth mentioning is how the developers have managed to catch all the clumsiness, the expressions and the reactions of the anime characters and put them this beautifully in the game. This makes the title a must-play for any otaku out there.


The protagonist is a young girl named Akko, and with her, she has the company of few other friends. They all have enrolled into the Luna Nova Witch Academy. Akko is attending the school in the summer as a punishment from Professor Finnelan. During her days at the school, she discovers a hidden room along with a secret dungeon. There she comes across a weird and mysterious clock. The fans of the series can already guess what happens when Akko comes across stuff.

She goes all touchy and sets off a series of events, due to which she and her friends are stuck in an infinite time loop. They now have to find out a way to stop this time loop, or else be stuck in there forever. No one wants to attend the summer school anyways, no?

The game then progresses as we go through different dungeons fighting monsters and magical creatures to move towards the end of the storyline which has been specifically written for the game. You can always visit and discover your Witch Academy to meet with and talk to new people. There a great number of side quests lined up too if you are interested. At the end of the day, you’ll see the effect of the mysterious clock and the time will be reverted.

One thing that might seem to be distracting is that sometimes you’ll have to wait for the perfect time for a quest. For example, you might have to wait until the afternoon or evening for observing a specific person at a specific place. That requires some patience from our side but is worth it when you complete the task and can have that sense of achievement.

If you’re a fan of the series, then this is a must play for you. How would you rate the game? Let us know in the comments below!

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