“Lion. Blackbeard. Ela”, Ubisoft on their Mistakes in Rainbow Six Siege

"Ash is the flagship of 3-speed"

Preparing for the upcoming mid-season patch, the balancing team of Ubisoft’s Rainbow Six Siege held an AMA on the Rainbow 6 subreddit. Fans asked several questions regarding operator balancing and the upcoming changes, including reworks to Lion, Glaz, and Tachanka.

When asked about their biggest “mistake” in operator balancing, the dev team said, “Lion. Blackbeard. Ela. We’ve made a few mistakes.” While both Ela and Blackbeard have been nerfed several times, Lion’s gadget is still too strong and requires a full rework. Ubisoft describes Lion as a “binary” operator who is hard to balance without a full rework.

Lion is not the only operator who has a rework in the pipeline, as Ubisoft has said that Tachanka, Finka, Castle, Frost, and even Fuze will receive changes to their gadgets and kits in the future. In terms of secondary gadgets, the developers state that they plan to rework stun grenades and explore the possibility of non-lethal shields in the future. Additionally, there are plans to make the smoke plume generated by Smoke’s toxic gas grenades provide concealment, similar to regular smoke grenades.

Although Rainbow Six Siege has many operators in need of tweaks, some like IQ, Ash, Jaeger, and Bandit are in a good place. “Ash is the flagship of 3-speed,” adds Project Manager Julien Huguenin. “Both Ash and Jaeger/Bandit are comfortable to use, and we believe that is what makes them so popular.” Instead of making changes to these operators, Ubisoft aims to make other operators feel just as comfortable.

With the release of Grim Sky, several changes were made to secondary full-auto weapons so they cannot be used as primary weapons. Weapons such as SMG-11, SMG-12 and Bearing 9 were significantly affected by this, but “there might be more changes down the line”. An example of this would be the SMG-11 recoil tweak in the upcoming mid-season patch. Following the Bearing 9 nerf, Ubisoft believes that Hibana and Echo “are not in a bad place right now.”

Even with a dedicated balancing team, reworks and balancing changes to operators take a lot of time and resources. With many operators reworks in the pipeline, we might be waiting a very long time before we see some changes to Rainbow Six Siege. For more information, check out the AMA on the Rainbow 6 subreddit here.

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