Linux Kernel 5.17 Brings Important Performance Improvements for AMD Ryzen CPUs

With the increase of more developers working in the next Linux kernel 5.17, many AMD-based features will see some significant improvements and mark the beginning of new advances in terms of AMD compatibility and processing in GNU/Linux and other systems with Linux kernel.

The CPUs and AMD Ryzen will get a lot of improvements in Linux kernel 5.17

The progress of Linux kernel 5.17 now begins to see weekly by launching candidates. The final kernel will be ready with an anticipated time frame around the second half of March 2022. Linux kernel 5.17 will not be the default kernel in long-term support GNU/Linux distros such as Ubuntu in its version of 22.04 LTS.

The following are some of the numerous AMD advances that will arrive:
  • A new version of the AMD P-State controller is officially ready for release. AMD and Valve developed the controller to improve energy efficiency on GNU/Linux platform compared to the standard ACPI controller.
  • By observing the work done in the newer AMD Zen 4 processor technology, there are many developments, including EDAC updates, including the identification of the registered DDR5 memory classes and reduced load DDR5 and LPDDR5, respectively.
  • AMD Smart Trace Buffer (STB), is a cyclic data buffer that registers information about system execution to analyze failures. It is always active and can be deleted when an error occurs without making any additional instrumentation or recreate the error to find a solution. Its support is officially complete and will be ready with Linux kernel 5.17.
  • AMD Renoir processors now has support for Sound Open Firmware for its audio coprocessor. Linux kernel 5.17 includes Sound Open Firmware support for AMD platforms; integrated traditionally in the extinguished Intel project.
  • The Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) recovery support for Rembrandt Accelerated Processing Units (APUs), continuous starting for Van Gogh and several other error corrections have seen patches and will be updated so that they are much more compatible in the future.
  • Finally, Linux kernel 5.17 includes the total AMD 3DNow! compatibility. There are expectations which AMD Fusion APU systems with Hudson D4 chipsets improve start-up times. The instructions are within kernel code.

André Silva

André Silva is the HyperbolaBSD Software Designer and Co-Founder Leader of Hyperbola Project, a distribution endorsed by the Free Software Foundation. More of 10 years of experience in system administration, shell scripting, software packaging and tech-writer with personal projects based on libre software.
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