LinkedIn Profile of Microsoft Employee Confirms WCOS ‘Windows Core OS’ is a Reality

A LinkedIn profile just revealed Microsoft is working on a modular platform Windows Core OS (WCOS). The Core OS is expected to be running on the next generation hardware devices including HoloLens 2, Surface Hub,  and maybe the Surface Phone.

The company is also reportedly testing Windows 10 builds for a dual-screen foldable device (Andromeda).  The experience section of Justin Jennings, an employee from Microsoft revealed some significant details regarding Win32 compatibility. A Twitter user DriversCloud first spotted the profile and took to the social media to share it.

Justin confirmed the rumours about Windows Core OS to provide support for the legacy versions of Win32 apps. OneCore modules aim to reduce instability in the operating system by holding power management, kernel, network, storage components, and even security. He further stated that he was also involved in the validation of Windows Driver Frameworks and Windows Driver Model for Windows Core OS.

The Next-Generation Windows (WCOS)

Microsoft is believed to achieve a big milestone with the development of Windows Core OS. It is reportedly going to be a complete modular version of Windows, that will be supporting the future wave of foldable devices. As the Core OS aims to make the Windows 10 operating system to be universal in true sense across all the devices. The Microsoft’s rumoured Andromeda foldable devices are expected to be powered by the Windows Core OS codenamed “Andromeda OS”.

Previously, Microsoft abstained from sharing any further details about the WCOS, but it seems like it is the perfect time for the company to reveal some details. Experts predict that tech giant is expected to announce the exclusive Core OS during May this year at the Microsoft’s Build 2019 developer conference. While its just a matter of that to see what the tech giant has planned for the upcoming Core OS that is going to be announced very soon. Although Microsoft has not shared any details about the expected release date, the users are already excited about the new future wave of foldable devices.

Take Away

It is visible that Microsoft is all set to explore new horizons with the investment in both domains i.e software and hardware. The company has taken a huge step to compete its competitors by stepping out of its comfort zone. It is still unclear that either Microsoft will be successful in achieving its financial targets.

So, are you excited for the upcoming adaptive and modular version of Windows? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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LinkedIn Profile of Microsoft Employee Confirms WCOS ‘Windows Core OS’ is a Reality

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