Sources Suggest LG Will Launch A Dual Screen Display For the Upcoming LG Velvet

Things have been heating up on the LG front ever since we saw the first look of the LG Velvet, a few days back. Then yesterday, we saw the first formal promo-teaser for the device, glorifying its design and giving us one confirmation: its processor. So currently, while we know quite little about the device, we know about the different color/gradient options it would be available in and the processor contained within. We also know that it would support 5G due to the Snapdragon 765 SoC.

A Dual Screen Case for the LG Velvet?

In the most latest piece of news though, we have an article from that puts light onto a revelation. According to the article, the official website of Korean NRRA, LG got official certification for a product which is a screen as well. The Korean NRRA is responsible for regulating mobile phones and other wireless electronics in the region. What is intriguing is the model number of the device that is certified. It is called LM-G905N. According to the recent rumors, the model number for the upcoming LG Velvet would be LM-G900N. This draws a conclusive argument that this may just be an accessory for the device. Well, what can it be?

Specs for the device certified. Via NRRA

Since it is a device related to some display, we can link it directly to the dual-screen cases for the LG G8x that we see. This may be something similar for the LG Velvet as well. It is sort of a thing for LG phones now. Although there are no official specs given we can predict some things about it. It won’t be bulky, that would be going against the whole idea of the LG Velvet. It would definitely be less power-draining since the device may not have a huge battery. Again, these may be some corners they have to cut in order to favor the design.

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Sources Suggest LG Will Launch A Dual Screen Display For the Upcoming LG Velvet

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