LG Announces The Velvet: The Company Taking a New Perspective on Smartphones

LG, ever since the turn of the century, has been responsible for some stylish cellphones. Coming in the 2010s, smartphones such as LG G3 were some design leaps ahead of the competition as well. Though, in the last few years, the LG smartphone side has been a little slow. Design-wise, and specs-wise, there hasn’t been much innovation.

While we were expecting the upcoming LG G9, the company announced something completely out of the blue. According to an article on 9to5Google, LG made an announcement about the LG Velvet.

The LG Velvet

According to the announcement, the company would be moving away from its current design style for a completely new approach. The reports suggest that it would include a “raindrop” camera design and for the screen, it would be a 3D curved display.

While they didn’t any details on the specs or the release in particular, they talked about the device in a more metaphorical manner. Additionally, they added how the future of LG flagships would be.

Additionally, as were the rumors, the company may be going for a lower-end processor this time around. They are moving to focus on the design more and the internal specs less. This is because most of the smartphones today are almost identical. “Slow” phones is sort of the thing of the past. App integrations have made sure that everything works smoothly. Thus LG would be focusing on the design and the approach experience more. Therefore it is quite expected that we may see the Snapdragon 765 in the device.

Lastly, they plan on going about this strategy from now on. In the announcement, they added that the upcoming devices would not be named alphanumerically, but with certain words like “Velvet” to signify a certain feature of the device. In this case: The Smoothness in the design. According to the reports, we may see the device announced on May 15, as suggested by the article.

Sarmad Burki
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