Lenovo’s ZUI 11.5 Beta Allows Users To Connect Their Devices Seamlessly To Computers Via Lenovo One

Lenovo is not the name that comes to mind when talking about mobile phone news. The company, which did enter the market with some different mid-ranged devices, simply could not leave a mark. This is not to say that Lenovo doesn’t make good tech though. One should not forget the brilliance that is the ThinkPad series.

In the realm of PCs and mobile phones, companies (Microsoft included), have tried to amalgamate the cellphone experience on one single device. Apple continues to integrate its iOS devices with macOS. This allows users to read and send texts and make calls directly from their computers. Recently Microsoft tried to implement this but then updated the service to only limit Samsung devices over low-power WiFi.

Lenovo One

In recent news though, GizmoChina reports that Lenovo just announced the Lenovo One. It is a feature that allows users to, as mentioned above, connect their Lenovo smartphones to their laptops without any trouble. Users may then use their phones via the laptops. The company pushed the latest ZUI 11.5.120 on its Lenovo Z6 Pro and users may use the beta version to actually use this feature with their laptops.

Not only that but the latest update also transforms the UI completely, bringing in Android 10 to the device. It also fixes many bugs and issues and boosts the speed of the phone with rapid transitions and effects. While it does bring many new features, the update is still in beta and we will not advise anyone to install it on devices that are daily drivers. Though, if you’re anxious to enjoy the latest Lenovo One feature, this may only be your way as it is not clear till now whether other devices would be granted support for it.

Sarmad Burki
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