Lenovo’s RTX 4090 Features A 4-Slot Design and 13 Heat Pipes

The RTX 4090 has seen many appearances over the past few days. Be it from GIGABYTE or ZOTAC, the 4090 features a massive 4-slot design. It’s clear that NVIDIA is planning to release/announce this card extremely soon. Today, wxnod on Twitter showed us the RTX 4090 from a Lenovo Gaming PC and it is truly beautiful.

A Monstrosity

The GPU literally takes up all of the motherboard, hardly fitting inside the case. We fear that case manufacturers may have to design a new form factor specifically for NVIDIA’s new GPUs. From the looks of it, the GPU features a 4-slot design. This confirms that the RTX 4090 will be 2x thicker than your average GPU. Videocardz mentions that the RTX 4090 here appears to be powered by a 12VHPWR connector. The RTX 4090 is a true embodiment of the famous saying:

“Excuse me, there’s a motherboard on your graphics card.”

Internal Design

As an update to this article, Techpowerup posted a few pictures of a ‘custom’ RTX 4090’s internals. The GPU features 13 copper heat pipes for cooling purposes. To put that into perspective, the GeForce RTX 3090 Ti GAMING OC 24G featured just 8 heat pipes. This custom 4090 appears almost identical to Lenovo’s OEM RTX 4090.

Lenovo RTX 4090 13 Copper Heat Pipes | Techpowerup

Techpowerup mentions that these 13 heat pipes do not directly cool the GPU, however, they make contact with a vapor chamber. This vapor chamber supposedly houses the actual GPU along with memory chips for an effective cooling solution.  

Lenovo RTX 4090 Vapor Chamber | Techpowerup

The RTX 4090

The Kingpin (4090) from NVIDIA’s Lovelace is powered by the AD102 GPU shipping with a now-confirmed 24GB of G6X memory. Interestingly, this GPU uses 21Gbps memory whereas the RTX 4080 features 23Gbps memory (Subject to Change). The TDP Is rated at more than 450W.

RTX 4090 Quad Slot Design | Baidu

Release Date

NVIDIA is holding a GTC Keynote on the 20th of September where expect them to announce Lovelace given all the hype. The initial launch lineup will only feature the higher end RTX 4000 GPUs (RTX 4090, RTX 4080 & the RTX 4070). We expect the others to be announced by CES 2023.

SKUChipFP32/CUDAMax ClockCacheMemory BusVRAMMemory SpecSpeed (Gbps)TDP

RTX 4000 Titan?

RTX 4090 TiAD102-350184323.0 GHz?96MB382-bit24GBGDDR6X24600W?
RTX 4090AD102-300163843.0GHz+96MB382-bit24GBGDDR6X21450W+
RTX 4080 TiAD10214848?2.7 GHz?80MB?320-bit20GBGDDR6X23420W
RTX 4080 (Variant 1)AD103-300-A197283.1GHz?48MB256-bit16GBGDDR6X23340W+
RTX 4080 (Variant 2)AD103-30097283.1GHz?48MB?256-bit/192-bit12GBGDDR6X21285W+
RTX 4070 TiAD104-400?76803.0GHz??192-bit12GBGDDR6X21300W?
RTX 4070 AD104-275?7168??160-bit10GBGDDR6X21250W
RTX 4060 TiAD10466563.2 GHz?40MB?160-bit10GBGDDR6X (?)18275W
RTX 4060AD10643523.0 GHz?32MB128-bit8GBGDDR6X (?)18240W

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