Lenovo Reveals Mobile Variant of GTX 1160, Two New Laptops Revealed

A week ago we reported that Nvidia might produce GTX 11 series cards, specifically the GTX 1160. Today, these reports have been confirmed by multinational tech company, Lenovo. Lenovo’s website contains a listing for two upcoming laptop’s which include a GTX 1160 variant. The laptops are named Legion Y530 and Legion Y7000P respectively.

There is also a mention of ‘and next generation’ GPU’s. It should be noted that this would be the mobile version of the GTX 1160, as of now there has been no confirmation of the GTX 1160 desktop card, but it’s safe to assume that there will be a desktop version of the GPU. Lenovo’s website states that the GTX 1160 will be available in a 3 GB and 6 GB version.

As we already know, the GTX 11 series will be running the new Turing architecture, replacing the old Pascal architecture. But it will not include any of the high-end ray tracing technology, keeping that exclusive to the RTX series GPU’s.

The GTX 1160 is expected to be officially released in January 2019 alongside the RTX 2060 at CES 2019.

GTX 1160 Specifications

Like mentioned previously, the GTX 1160 will be running on the Turing architecture, but will not include any of the high-end ray tracing features, Instead it will reportedly feature “Turing Shaders”. Even though the  GTX 11 series will be featuring Turing GPU’s, there is a difference in the model numbers of the GPU’s. The RTX 2060 will feature a TU106-200 GPU, while the GeForce GTX 1160 will feature a TU116 GPU.

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