Lego Teases Fans with an Exciting ‘Big Reveal’ for Mario Day Presentation

Mario Day, also known as “Mar10 Day” (a play on words that references the beloved video game character’s name), is a relatively new holiday first celebrated in 2016. Since then, it has become an annual event eagerly anticipated by Mario franchise fans.

Nintendo is gearing up for the Mario Day celebrations this year on March 10, 2023 (MAR10). The company recently launched an all-new Nintendo Switch bundle with Mario-themed red joy cons, a download code for Super Mario Odyssey, and some exclusive Mario Bros. Movie Stickers.

Furthermore, LEGO has announced that it will be hosting an online event, ‘LEGO Super Mario,’ on YouTube on March 10, 2023. The tweet by the official LEGO handle claims that the event will include ‘big updates & even bigger reveals.’

Lego has not yet released any details about the Mario Day reveal, other than to say that it will take place on March 10. But the tweet was enough to send fans of both Lego and Super Mario into a frenzy of speculation and anticipation.

The “big reveal” announcement has left many fans wondering what Lego has in store for Mario Day. Some have speculated that it could be a new, more extensive set that incorporates elements from multiple Mario games, while others believe it could be a new set based on a specific Mario game or level.

However, Fans will have to wait until then to find out what Lego has in store for them, but based on the company’s track record so far, it’s sure to be an exciting and innovative addition to the Lego Mario line. 

The Mario Event by LEGO will start at 8 AM Pacific Time on Friday, March 10, 2023

What are your thoughts about this news? Are you excited to see what Nintendo and LEGO are planning for Mario fans? Let us know in the comment section below.


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