Fan Recreates Pokemon LEGO Kanto Region!

It’s been years since the LEGO brand broadened its horizons with collaborations with other IPs and franchises. Before that, it was all simple LEGO sets but now, things have gotten a tad bit crazy with all the collaborations such as the LEGO Atari 2600 Set intended for adults or even the LEGO Mighty Bowser Set. But we’ve yet to see an official LEGO Pokemon Set. 

 We’ve also gotten LEGO Star War Games, LEGO Marvel, and LEGO Harry Potter. But we’ve never gotten around to seeing an official LEGO Pokemon collaboration, have we? Fans are urging Pokemon and LEGO to collaborate on an official product and to convince the giants, one such fan went so far as to create a microscale representation of the iconic Route 1 of the Kanto region using common LEGO bricks.

Pokemon is licensed by Nintendo as we all know and Nintendo’s collaborated with LEGO to release Super Mario-themed sets as well as an NES Console Set, but they haven’t worked on any official sets for the Pokemon franchise. 

The reason might have to do something with the fact that official brick-based Pokemon sets are being produced by a LEGO competitor by the name of Mega Construx. However, fans from both communities are undeterred in their determination and unwillingness to give up hope. They’ve gone ahead and posted recreations of their favorite Pokemon creatures and elements in many online forums.

Redditor Recreates LEGO Pokemon Kanto Region

Redditor by the name Buscags1 continues their efforts in producing their Gameboy and Pokemon-inspired LEGO project and posted several images of the progress he’s made in recreating the Kanto region just by using mere LEGO pieces. The Redditor has managed to complete Route 1, which is a grassy path that many fans might recall passing through as they start their adventures as Pokemon trainers.

 Route 1 leads players to Viridian City, the first town that a Pokemon gym that fans will encounter in Pokemon Red, Blue, and Yellow. Bucas1’s LEGO project seems pretty impressive considering how they managed to connect LEGO Pallet Town to Route 1 and even mirrored the tiny details and curves of the paths.

Lego Pokemon
A front view look at the LEGO Pokemon Map | Reddit

It’s not just us, everyone is impressed with Buscags1’s work. He’s garnered lots of attention and compliments from people on Reddit and across major news sites. 

Many people are eagerly waiting for further updates on the LEGO project considering they did share the LEGO version of Pallet Town which means up next on the list is Viridian City. But it will take a while for  Buscags1 to produce the city considering the time, effort, and pieces needed to recreate the city.

Considering Pokemon is being licensed to a competitor toy brand, it appears that individuals will have to settle for community and fan-made Pokemon LEGO sets and projects. The community is pretty open to sharing their step-by-step guides and they can easily find ways to recreate their favorite Pokemon characters and their regions all on their own!


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