How to Make a One Page Landscape on Microsoft Word

Suppose you are writing a word document and come across an interesting situation. You have 20 pages but you want to convert only one of them in Landscape orientation. It may seem like an easy task but involves page breaks, sections breaks, and orientation settings. A beginner will get lost in a situation like this and may Google answers for hours!

Landscape and Portrait on same Word document
Landscape and Portrait on same Word document

That’s why we have written a short and to the point article which will help you throughout the process. Here will we go through how to make one (or more) page out of many as landscape orientation.

Making a Page Landscape on Word

Make sure that you have a fully featured Microsoft word. The steps performed here are of Word 2013 but may apply to all the versions available out there.

  1. Open your Word document and navigate to the end of the page right before the page which you want to make a landscape. For example, if you want to make the page 7 landscape, navigate to the end of page 6.
  2. Now click on Page Layout present at the top of the screen and click on Breaks.
Breaks in Page Layouts
Breaks in Page Layouts – Microsoft Word
  1. From the next menu, select Next page from underneath the section of Section Breaks.
Inserting section break on next page - Microsoft word
Inserting section break on next page
  1. It is recommended that at this point, you enable paragraph markings. These help in the steps which we will perform next. Click on the heading Home present at the top of the screen and click the Hide/show paragraph marks button once to enable it.
Enabling Paragraph markings in Word on Windows 10
Enabling Paragraph markings – Word
  1. Now you will see paragraph markings all over your text. Navigate where we just inserted the section break. Here we have to insert another section break if we want to have a landscape mode. Perform step 3 again as shown in the GIF below.
  2. Once done with the page break, click on Layout and after clicking Orientation, select the option Landscape.
Inserting another section break and changing orientation
Inserting another section break and changing orientation
  1. The page will now be landscape. Press Ctrl and wheel your mouse down. This will zoom Word out and you will clearly see where the landscape page is.

So in a nutshell, if you try to change orientation without including page breaks, the entire document will go in the landscape mode. In order to make selected pages landscape, you need to insert section breaks accordingly.

If you have 2 sections breaks, you can easily set one section break to be landscape and other to be portrait (default). Hope this helped you in your work!


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How to Make a One Page Landscape on Microsoft Word

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