Leaks Suggest iPhone 13 Prototype Would Be A Beefed Up Version of the 12 With Some Added Features

The iPhone 12 series of devices just came out and people are loving them: well, most of them. With the new devices, people are also pointing out the flaws in the current generation of devices. Additionally, they wanted a couple of new things in the new phones from Apple but they simply didn’t make it to the final device this year. Currently, the iPhone boasted 5G support and a new camera system.

One thing we see quite common among most devices today are high quality, high refresh-rate displays. The iPhone, all across the board, offers high-quality displays. What it lacks is the higher-refresh-rate. Now, they are expecting the next generation of devices to boast these higher refresh rates. According to a recent tweet from Jiorīku (@Jioriku)


Now, the tweet claims to have certain insights on the upcoming devices. We are unaware if this is a legitimate piece of news or not but it is definitely something we can use to bring forward to the iPhones in 2021.

iPhone 13: A Beefed Up iPhone 12?

The person adds that the prototype for the iPhone 13 would be quite similar to the iPhone 12. This would be in typical fashion as Apple goes along. According to the tweet, it would be an iPhone 12 with “extra steps”. He claims that there would be more information on the device’s prototype in the coming days. He added that the phone would not have an in-display TouchID which is a great blow considering the current conditions with the pandemic. In a world where wearing masks is compulsory, a device which relies on face unlock is a failure.

People are guessing that this would be the iPhone which has the ProMotion display with the higher-refresh-rate. The phone may just have a bigger battery to compensate for the display or Apple may add an adaptive display as well. This would be done to fix the battery issue. Again though, we would know for sure in the days to follow.


Sarmad Burki

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