Leaks Suggest iPhone 12 To Have Better Screen-to-Body Ratio But Same Sized Notch

Last we heard from the Apple camp, we found out that while the launch may be delayed, the regular iPhone 12 models may be the ones on schedule. This is because their panels were ready. We also know that Apple would be decreasing the notch size this time around but a report posted on WCCFTECH claims otherwise.

According to the report, there has been a leak on a Chinese website. In this leak, the author claims to have gotten hold of the iPhone 12 display module which is the one on schedule. According to what we can see, the display follows the same design as the one from the previous model. not only that, the notch, which we all believed, seems to be the same size as well. Design elements apart, the notch is really a let down because iPhones, while they do deliver in the performance and integration department, are looking dated now. This notch is a big example of that.

The 5.4 Screen Leak – WCCFTECH

One upside of the “new” design is that the basic iPhone 12 series may have screens similar to the Pro models from last year. That means users will get a better screen to body ratio. Thus, a smaller chassis would be housing the screen. Not to mention, the display would be flat glass. This means that the phone, with its boxy design, would be easier to grip on to and carry. Overall, in our opinion, the user experience, in terms of the hardware, would be quite better and similar to the iPhone 5 and 5S models. Now, these are just based on leaks and the final product may be completely different so we advise that you do not get disheartened and take this with a grain of salt.

Sarmad Burki
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Leaks Suggest iPhone 12 To Have Better Screen-to-Body Ratio But Same Sized Notch

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