Leaks Suggest iPhone 12 To have 64MP Sensor, 5G & Bigger Battery

With Samsung and OnePlus news all over the market, Apple has been hiding out. Well, that is not for long though. As we move towards the second quarter of the year and eventually the third, we move towards Apple territory. Just before the Summer, we get a glimpse of the next generation of the iOS and then later, in the fall, we get the latest iPhone. Since that is far along the way, we have received interesting updates on the upcoming device.

In an article posted on WCCFTech, quoting tweets from PineLeaks, we get to know about a lot of stuff we should expect from the upcoming iPhone. What makes it interesting is that it was PineLeaks was the one to leak the iPhone losing the HUD for the volume rocker as well.

The Leaks

Anyway, on to the leaks.

The top standouts of the leaks are definitely those involving the camera. The camera race is the one that leads the market standards today. We saw the great numbers from Samsung and now iPhone would follow in the same footsteps. The report adds that Apple would be opting for a 64-megapixel sensor for its upcoming devices. This would be used in tandem with its software in order to improve details, quality and low light performance for night mode.

Additionally, night mode will be made available on all lenses of the device. Knowing how Apple operates, how they managed the colors in focal length shifting, this won’t be an issue. There will be development on the macro lens as well, with a 2.2cm focus distance. This may be incorporated in the wide-angle lens, set to be 35% wider. Hopefully, we would not see any fisheye effects. Smart HDR would be improved as well.

Lastly, with support for 5G networks, devices would have bigger batteries (about 10%). There is talk of AirTags as well, how they’d support lost service but it is still quite vague. The iOS 14 installed in these devices, it would be focused on stability and some improved designs in the UX. Apple wants a bug-free OS after what happened with iOS 13.

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Leaks Suggest iPhone 12 To have 64MP Sensor, 5G & Bigger Battery

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