Leaked Specs of The Asus ROG Phone 3: 5G Support, 6000mAh Battery & A thicker Chassis

The ASUS ROG phone happens to be one of the top gaming phones in the market. With little competition, the device proves to be an able machine. Not only does it push the limits of design but also delivers performance. There is yet to be any compromise in the department. In terms of what it is meant for, the ASUS RO phone takes the cake.

The ASUS ROG Phone 3

Now, given that it has been a year since we saw the last model, everyone believes that there is a newer model due. Just in time though, we see this tweet from Sudhanshu who posted some of the leaked specs from the device.

According to the tweet, we see that the ASUS ROG Phone 3’s specs were hosted on TENAA. The device is set to be 5G enabled, as all phones should be in 2020. Additionally, we also see that the excellent battery from the ROG Phone 2 would make its way to this one as well. The 6000 mAh battery can comfortably mesh with your gaming sessions. If, you don’t game, expect this to be a 2-day device with some light to medium use. We again see the same size display, measuring in at 6.59 inches. While a bigger display would always be welcome, this hits the sweet spot.

Coming to the dimensions, while the device is similar to the previous version, we will see it to be a little thicker this time. Going up from 9.4mm to 9.85, this is probably done so to accommodate any thermal throttling. There isn’t much given about the device further than this. There are chances that they may go for an even higher refresh rate screen but 120Hz is still higher than the industry standard. As for the SoC inside, we believe it would be a higher clocked version of the Snapdragon 865. This would be aimed entirely at gaming. A beefed-up RAM is also expected.


Sarmad Burki

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