Leaked RTX 2060 FFXV Benchmarks Might Hint At A RTX 2060Ti Variant

A lot of people have their new RTX cards in hand and many more people might buy one during the upcoming holiday season. But for budget gamers the current RTX cards might be out of question. Even the base RTX 2070 is priced over 500$ USD. That’s where the RTX/GTX 2060 and 2050 come in, but Nvidia hasn’t announced or teased anything yet.

Alleged Benchmarks For The RTX 2060

RTX 2060 FFXV Benchmark
Source – Wccftech

This is some early alleged benchmarks for the RTX 2060. The leak comes via Twitter user @TUM_APISAK, who is a very reliable source in the community.

These are benchmark scores from the game Final Fantasy 15 and it was tested in 4K resolution with the High quality preset. The RTX 2060 listed here barely manages to beat the Max-Q GTX 1070 (Mobile Version), with 2589 points. It comes considerably below the desktop GTX 1070, which has 2748 points.

The listed RTX 2060 manages to beat the GTX 1060 by a considerable margin, with 1985 points. This works out to be 33% improvement in performance. Even the RX 590 is behind the RTX 2060 with 2122 points, which works out to be a 22% improvement.

Skeptical Performance

The RTX 2060’s performance doesn’t seem to be realistic here. We can say with some certainty that this might not be an RTX 2060, Nvidia would have to be out of their minds to release a Geforce 2060 variant which doesn’t cross the GTX 1070’s performance threshold.

The naming here is also skeptical as we know from earlier leaks that the 2060 variant will lack RTX capability. From initial Ray Tracing enabled benchmarks of Battlefield 5, the RTX 2070 barely delivers a playable experience, it would make no sense for the 2060 to carry that functionality.

On top of that, FFXV is a bad benchmarking tool, that is why the numbers are all over the place. GamersNexus in an article state “Although we don’t believe this to be intentional, the Final Fantasy XV benchmark is among the most misleading we’ve encountered in recent history. This is likely a result of restrictive development timelines and a resistance to delaying product launch and, ultimately, that developers see this as “just” a benchmark.

FFXV’s benchmark tool also uses a lot of tech from Nvidia, which results in AMD cards underperforming, throwing up misleading numbers.

What Can The Scores Signify Then?

Well as pointed out by other websites who covered the story and @TUM_APISAK himself, this can be results from a mobile variant of the actual RTX 2060. If that’s the case, it’s great news for people waiting to buy a gaming laptop.

We have another theory in mind. Nvidia might be planning to release two variants of the Geforce 2060, the normal 2060 and the 2060ti. With cards moving up in performance, I believe there’s space for two variants of the 2060. The GTX 560ti and the GTX 660ti’s were great cards and with good pricing, two variants can work out better for buyers. But it’s better to wait for an official announcement from Nvidia before jumping on any conclusions.

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Leaked RTX 2060 FFXV Benchmarks Might Hint At A RTX 2060Ti Variant

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