Raptor Lake Budget CPUs Are Up to 64% Faster Than Last Gen

It seems that board partners are already testing Intel’s upcoming Raptor Lake Non-K CPUs. Hardware leaker, chi11eddog on Twitter shared a couple of screenshots showcasing the performance of these CPUs. 

Leaked Performance

The leaker mentions that the pictures below are from an unnamed board partner for analysis. It is important to note that all tests share the same system configuration which is unknown at the moment. Either way, let’s go over the test results one by one.

The i9-13900 (Non-K) is the largest improvement in single-core performance standing at 10% (Against 12th Gen), The other CPUs follow with slightly minor increments with the i5-13400 being a considerably high 6% faster than the i5-12400

RL Non-K CinebenchR23 Single Core | chi11eddog
  • i9-12900 -> i9-13900 | 10% Faster
  • i7-12700 -> i7-13700 | 6% Faster
  • i5-12600 -> i5-13600 | 4% Faster
  • i5-12500 -> i5-13500 | 3% Faster
  • i5-12400 -> i5-13400 | 6% Faster

In the multi-core department, the i9-13900 is a massive 53% faster than the i9-12900. This is a result of the higher core counts with Raptor Lake. The other CPUs also see a huge jump in multi-threaded performance of up to 64%

RL Non-K CinebenchR23 Multi Core
  • i9-12900 -> i9-13900 | 53% Faster
  • i7-12700 -> i7-13700 | 34% Faster
  • i5-12600 -> i5-13600 | 59% Faster
  • i5-12500 -> i5-13500 | 64% Faster
  • i5-12400 -> i5-13400 | 28% Faster


Intel will launch these 65W 13th gen CPUs at CES 2023 as highlighted by their leaked Q1 23 schedule. Either way, team blue is putting up some serious competition for AMD’s Ryzen 7000 Non-X series. The multi-core performance in particular is a major threat to AMD. In addition, a cheaper platform cost would make Intel preferable though the A620 AM5 boards are likely to change this as move further in 2023.

CPU ModelFrequencyCacheCores/ThreadsSteppingWattage
Core i9- 13900KF3.0GHz36MB24/32BO125W
Core i9-13900K3.0GHz36MB24/32BO125W
Core i9-13900F2.0GHz36MB24/32BO65W
Core i9-139002.0GHz36MB24/32BO65W
Core i9- 13900T1.10GHz36MB24/32BO35W
Core i7- 13700KF3.4GHz30MB16/24BO125W
Core i7-13700K3.4GHz30MB16/24BO125W
Core i7-13700F2.10GHz30MB16/24BO65W
Core i7-137002.10GHz30MB16/24BO65W
Core i7-13700T1.40GHz30MB16/24BO35W
Core i5- 13600KF3.50GHz24MB14/20BO125W
Core i5-13600K3.50GHz24MB14/20BO125W
Core i5-136002.70GHz24MB14/20C065W
Core i5-13600T1.80GHz24MB14/20C035W
Core i5-135002.50GHz24MB14/20C065W
Core i5- 13500T1.60GHz24MB14/20C035W
Core i5-13400F2.50GHz20MB10/16BO / CO65W
Core i5-134002.50GHz20MB10/16BO / CO65W
Core i5- 13400T1.30GHz20MB10/16C035W
Core i3-13100F3.40GHz12MB4/8HO58W
Core i3-131003.40GHz12MB4/8HO60W
Core i3-13100T2.50GHz12MB4/8HO35W

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