Leaked Pricing Details Suggest that PlayStation 5 to Start at 399 Euros

Rumors around the pricing and pre-order details of both PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X are on a roll these days. Earlier today, a leak surfaced suggesting that the pre-orders of Xbox Series X will start soon. Now, a more detailed leak has surfaced, showing the price and pre-order details of the PlayStation 5 digital edition and PlayStation 5 standard edition.

Carrefour is one of the largest departmental stores and supermarket chains in France. Both Standard and Digital versions of the PS5 console, along with the announced accessories, were spotted on the website. The page was removed as soon as people started noticing. The digital edition was priced at 399 euros while the standard edition was priced at 499 euros. While the prices do add up with the previous leaks and expectations, the prices of accessories seem fishy. The page reported that all accessories, including the special headset, DualSense charging station, DualSense controller, multimedia remote, and HD camera, would cost the same, i.e., 50 euros.

Leaked prices of PS5 and accessories

The Headset and DualSense controller will probably cost more than 50 euros, which affects the credibility of the leak. Another thing to consider is the fact that 50 euros must be a placeholder price, which will be updated once Sony announces the prices of these accessories officially.

Regardless, we are more interested in the prices and availability of the consoles. The page reported that the PS5 should be pre-ordered by October 3rd, and availability is expected only a few weeks after pre-orders concludes.

Lastly, the information regarding the prices of consoles is very sensitive for both Microsoft and Sony. So, one must take these leaks with caution.

Mohsin Naeem
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Leaked Pricing Details Suggest that PlayStation 5 to Start at 399 Euros

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