Leaked Images Give Us A First Hand Look At The Chromium-Based Microsoft Edge

In December of last year, Microsoft announced that they would be releasing a Chromium-based Microsoft Edge, replacing the current Microsoft Edge. Ever since then we have not received any major information regarding the browser. However, today one of Microsoft’s Program Manager’s has shed some light on the upcoming browser.

Chromium-Based Edge

Chris Heilmann, who is a Program Manager for Open Web and Browsers at Microsoft tweeted out a rather revealing screenshot of his PC desktop. The screenshot revealed the icon for the upcoming Chromium-based Microsoft Edge.

New Browser Logo

As we can see from the above photo, Microsoft has certainly changed things up a bit. They will be ditching the blue logo for a yellow one. Other than that there is a ‘can’ caption on the logo which indicates that this version is a canary build.

Chromium Page

We also received leaks of the installation process of the browser. As we can see from the above photos, the installation process resembles the installation process of Chrome a lot. These screenshots were first reported upon by mspoweruser.


We do not know when exactly Microsoft will be releasing the new browser. The Edge project manager, Kyle Alden stated that they, “Can’t commit to a specific timing just yet.” A close source to the project has stated that the upcoming browser would be released in the first half of 2019. However, the project manager’s statement suggests that we could be waiting as far as June 2019 for a full release. You can read all about the upcoming browser here.

Murtaza Islam
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