Leaked Cinebench Scores Hint At A 10/20 Cores/Threads Ryzen R7 2800X Faster Than The i9-9900K

AMD dealing some series blows to Intel here

Almost 5 months after the launch of AMD’s Ryzen 2000 series of processors, a possible leak has emerged giving away a brand new processor of the same series. Although it was odd that the Zen+ Ryzen series flagship processor was the R7 2700X unlike the R7 1800X from the first-generation, the multi-core performance of the processor was like no other at that price point.

A blurry screen capture of the Cinebench scores shows us that the R7 2800X could be right around the corner and that it will have 10 physical cores and 20 logical cores.

Cinebench Scores Source – HKEPC

The R7 2800X might just be what AMD was saving up as the answer to Intel’s i9-9900k which was also recently leaked on the SiSoftware website, you can read more about it here.
If that is the case then the R7 2800X would be a very strong competitor to the blue rival, as it seems to be a 10 core and 20 threaded processor, if we are to go by the Cinebench leak against the 8 cores and 16 threads of the i9-9900k.

The i9-9900k leaks showed it to be 17% faster than the R7 2700X, which gets a score of about 1752 at stock speeds on the same Cinebench test. If according to the screenshot we are to take the score for the R7 2800X as 2130 then it comes off as around 18% faster than the R7 2700X, putting it right up the alley of the i9-9900k.

Over everything else, the biggest news to come out from this might be hidden in the core count, up until this point the AM4 platform processors have not gone over the core count of 8. But if the R7 2800X will be using the Zen+ architecture which is extremely likely then the core count of 10 could mean a multi-die configuration to make the chip capable of hosting 10 cores.

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Leaked Cinebench Scores Hint At A 10/20 Cores/Threads Ryzen R7 2800X Faster Than The i9-9900K

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