Leaked Benchmarks of the Radeon RX 5300M Indicates A Strong Lead Over It’s Nvidia Counterpart

We know that AMD is struggling with the release of its entry-level graphics cards for the desktop market. However, we have seen that the Navi 14 cards have slowly started surfacing in many notebooks especially the new 16 inch MacBook pro. The mobile version of the Radeon RX 5300 has surfaced and according to the alleged benchmark released by Notebookcheck, it may outperform its direct rival, the GTX 1650 from Nvidia.

According to Wccftech, one may confuse the Radeon RX 5300M with the Radeon Pro 5300M. While the specifications differences between both graphics cards are not that much, these are very different GPUs intended for different purposes.

The RX version has 22 Compute units which means it only has 1408 stream processors while the Radeon Pro 5300M has only 20 CUs (1280 stream processors). AMD places the Radeon Pro 5300M on top of the Radeon RX 5300M, the reason behind this is better memory configuration.

AMD’s positioning of RX 5300M makes it directly compete with the GTX 1650 graphics card. There are two variants of GTX 1650 as far as mobile hardware is concerned. The Max-Q design runs at a slightly lower clock speed (1125MHz) while the standard one runs at 1560 MHz. The rest of the specifications are exactly the same as the desktop GTX 1650.

Benchmarks via Notebookcheck

Coming to the revealed benchmark from Notebookcheck, the AMD’s graphics card pulls slightly ahead of the competition. The laptops with the RX 5300M graphics card had the Ryzen 7 3750H processor and it scored around 8782 points on 3DMark’s FireStrike at 1080p resolution.

The graphics card was stated to be running at 1036MHz base while the boost was at 1445MHz. On the other hand, the GTX 1650 with a Core i5-9300H was able to score only 8081 points, the Max-Q version only got 7103 points. It means the RX 5300M was 8% faster than the vanilla 1650 and 19% faster than the Max-Q 1650.

It should be noted that the RX 5300M only has 3GB of GDDR6 memory, while that is a bottleneck for sure, it is still pulling ahead of the GTX 1650 cards. Lastly, we expect AMD to release the alleged graphics card in the following months.

Mohsin Naeem
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