League of Legends Bugs – Fiddlesticks’ Ultimate

A lot of different updates bring plenty of new features and various fixes for bugs which have possibly appeared in the previous versions of the game. However, it’s difficult to keep track of everything that can go wrong with a game so Riot mostly relies on League of Legends players to keep track of bugs and report them so that they can fix it as soon as possible. There are a lot of alpha client testers who get to try out new clients before the official release but some bugs still make it into the final game and players can sometimes even use it to their own advantage.

You can download the alpha client from LoL’s official website

Fiddlesticks’ Ultimate Bug

Some bugs can go for a couple of days and sometimes even a couple of weeks before they are discovered and fixed and that was the case with this famous bug which has been around for around a month before it was fixed. The issue is related to the champion by the name of Fiddlesticks and the bug is regarding his ultimate attack. In order to understand the bug completely, you need to know that his ulti actually requires channeling which is definitely bad since you are quite vulnerable during this brief period of time.

Fiddlesticks’ ultimate

The bug means that auto-attacking and last hitting a minion will cause the Fiddlesticks’ ulti to cast automatically without the period of channeling you would usually have to wait through. This is a severe bug because it’s giving an advantage to people who play with Fiddlesticks by eliminating the channeling time which is usually the thing you need to plan out the most. Finding a safe spot for channeling is difficult but, with this bug, you can simply skip this entire process and cast your ultimate automatically. Know that you still need to auto-attack in order to get the last hit which is somewhat more difficult in the beginning but it gets easier as the game progresses.

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League of Legends Bugs – Fiddlesticks’ Ultimate

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