Latest Windows 11 Insider Builds Adds A New Microsoft 365 Widget and Multiple Languages To Chat

Along with the standard affair of bug fixes.

Microsoft released Windows 11 Preview Build 22000.160 last week along with pushing the first official ISO for Windows 11 at the same time. The update brought along a new and much improved Clock app and removed a quality of life feature. Following up on last week’s release, Build 22000.168 has just come out of the oven and while it’s not as packed of a pie as the previous build, it still offers two major improvements.

Windows 365 Widget

First and foremost, there’s a new Windows 365 widget. You can add the widget by clicking the “Add Widgets” button in the Widgets panel and simply selecting Windows 365. The widget shows information about news, meeting recordings, and documents in Windows 365 with more features set to come later. That being said, you need an Azure Active Directory (AAD) account to be able to use it and the widget is only releasing to enterprise users for now.

The new Microsoft 365 widget – Source: Microsoft

New Languages for Chat

Secondly, Chat for Windows 11, aka Microsoft Teams 2.0 but integrated natively will see the addition of several new languages in today’s update. You can change the language in Teams’ own settings or the Windows settings and Chat will honor that change, if the language is supported. You can check out the full list of all the supported languages on Microsoft’s blog post announcing the changes.

Microsoft Store Enhancements

The Windows 11 Microsoft Store has been updated to feature a revamped design for Library. The page looks modern and cleaner now and in the process of ridding it off its clutter, Microsoft has also made it easier to navigate. The Spotlight in Microsoft Store has also seen a slight redesign in this build. When you hover the cursor over a promoted app or game, it shows relevant details about it by giving you a preview of the product’s page.

The new Library in Microsoft Store – Source: WindowsLatest

Bug Fixes

The update also fixes some bugs from the previous update, as usual. And brings some new ones to the table as well. The bug fixes are less abundant in this build so it’s worth mentioning them. The first bug fixed was an issue where pen-enabled devices couldn’t open apps from Search results; that’s gone in this update. Also gone is an issue that would crash Settings if you typed certain phrases in the app’s search bar.

Chat also got some bug fixes love apart from the new language support. Microsoft has addressed the issue that would freeze Chat or display a black screen during video calls. Moreover, when you switched calls in Teams, the call you were previously on would be put on hold automatically, this no longer happens in the new update. Lastly, the Family widget was turning out an error message saying “connect a device to see screen time activity” even though there were activity that could be displayed. This problem has been remedied in today’s build.

However, as I mentioned there are new issues that have arose in this build that Microsoft has already taken note of, so you can expect them to be patched in the coming releases. Build 22000.160 is available in both the Dev and Beta channels starting today. To learn more about the known issues in this release, check you Microsoft’s blog post here.


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