Latest Steam Client Beta brings official Nintendo Switch Pro Controller support

Over the years, Steam has added official input support for many input devices including the Dualshock 4 and Xbox One controller. With the latest update to the Steam Client Beta, Valve has begun testing official support for the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller.

In their latest blog, Valve says:

“We think it is a great device with a feature set that pairs nicely with your Steam catalog. The d-pad is ideal for fighting games and platformers and the gyro enhances aim in your action/FPS titles.”

How to setup the Switch Pro Controller

Firstly, you will have to opt into the Steam Client Beta. Valve has posted step by step detailed instructions on how to do so. Once you have access to the Steam Client Beta, follow the instructions below to set up your Switch Pro Controller:  

  1. Under the view tab, click on settings.
  2. In the controller page, click on the general controller settings button.
  3. Toggle on the Switch Pro Configuration Support. 

Now you can simply connect the controller and begin the calibration process. Valve says that this is important if you want to get the most out of the built-in gyroscope.

You can now create a configuration or load an existing one through the ‘Controller Configuration’ option. The Steam configurator can now be used to customize each and every function of the controller to your liking. Preset configurations can be downloaded and used by pressing X in the menu.

Due to it’s built-in Bluetooth functionality, it has been possible to connect the Switch Pro Controller to your PC for a while now. Keybindings, however, had to have been configured using third-party software. As a result, it was a hassle to set up the controller for use on PC. Now that it has official support, it will be much easier and smoother to use the controller on PC. 

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Latest Steam Client Beta brings official Nintendo Switch Pro Controller support

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