Latest Stable Chrome Web Browser Version 86 Brings Security Enhancements And Scrolling Tabs

Google has released the latest stable version of Chrome Web Browser with a few features focusing on security and the eagerly awaited ability to scroll through open tabs. The Chrome Version 86 is being deployed gradually but users can force update the same.

Google officially released a new version of the Google Chrome web browser, which is based on the Chromium base. The latest version of the Google Chrome browser available for the general public is tagged as Chrome 86.0.4240.75. Google assures the version update contains security updates as well as features.

Google Releases Chrome v86 Containing Several Security Fixes And Password Management:

Google Chrome v86 is the latest stable version of the web browser and it is being rolled out gradually to end-users. However, desktop users of the Chrome web browser can run a manual check for the update. Simply open a new tab and enter chrome://settings/help in the browser’s address bar. Google Chrome should then automatically pick up the update and initiate the download and installation process.

Google Chrome 86.0.4240.75 is a Security as well as Feature Update for the browser. The search giant has confirmed the latest browser contains security patches to 35 different vulnerabilities. While the majority of the security flaws weren’t severe, one was rated as Critical, which is the highest severity rating.

Besides the security patches, another security and privacy enhancement feature is the modified version of password change. Chrome 86 is the first stable version of the browser that supports a standard address for changing passwords. The new feature essentially makes it very easy for users to quickly change their passwords for various websites and web platforms. Websites can configure a specific URL for users to change passwords, and Google Chrome will use the same to quickly make the change.

Google Ensures Chrome Tabs Can Be Scrolled And The Browser Is Faster And More Efficient?

Google Chrome never had the ability to scroll tabs, which made switching between several tabs difficult. Google tried to improve the situation by adding a new feature called “tab groups,” which allows users to organize, label, and even color-code tabs for easy access. However, several Chrome users have long demanded the ability to scroll through tabs.

It appears Google has listened, and accordingly, added a new feature called “Scrollable TabStrip”. The feature lets users easily scroll through tabs. To date, opening a new tab reduced the width of the other tabs, and in most cases, the users could see just tiny icons. Opening a few more tabs would cause even the icons to disappear. In the new Scrollable TabStrip, Chrome does shrink the size of the tabs, but it does allow users to scroll through them with the mouse wheel. It also lets you scroll through tabs by clicking on a couple of new buttons, placed on either side of the tabs.

It seems Google is also trying to ensure Chrome doesn’t have a huge impact on battery consumption. Apparently, the browser throttles JavaScript timer wakeups under certain circumstances that can result in improved battery life.

The latest Google Chrome version also includes a back-forward cache which improves the loading of previously visited sites in the browser provided that the page is still cached. The company has also added support for the File System Access API and WebCodecs API in the browser. The next stable version of Google Chrome, Chrome 87, is scheduled to be released on November 17, 2020.


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