Latest Skype Update Brings Screen Sharing For Chrome & Bumps The Mobile Video Upload Limit To 10 Minutes

Microsoft has released a new Skype update for all supported platforms. Skype version 8.51 bumps the video upload limit to 10 minutes for mobile users. Apart from the stability and performance improvements, this new update brings some bug fixes as well. Furthermore, message bookmarks capability is now available for all mobile and desktop users. Microsoft confirmed that most of these features have been introduced based on user request.

What’s New in Skype for Android, iPad, and iPhone Update?

Increased Video Upload Limit

Skype for iPad, Android, and iPhone previously restricted users to upload a video of only 1 minute. This situation was frustrating because they had to move to other services to share larger videos. The latest Skype update brings has resolved the problem and the upload limit has been increased to 10 minutes.

Message Bookmarks

Microsoft has rolled out the message bookmark feature for the Android users. There are times when you would want to bookmark a particular message in a conversation to remember important information. It is a pretty handy tool that will help you in such situations.

Picture & Webpage Sharing

Android users can now easily share web pages and pictures with their friends and family. This functionality is now enabled by default in Skype 8.51.

What’s New in Skype Skype for Windows, Mac, Linux, and Web Update?

Split View

Earlier this month we reported that Microsoft is currently testing Split View for Linux, Mac Windows devices. The recent Skype release brings this feature for all the users. You can now keep your conversations and contacts in two separate windows. To enable the split view, click the ellipsis button and click Enable split view mode. Microsoft acknowledged that the ability to save windows sizes is not available at the moment and the company is working to resolve this problem.

Screen Sharing for Chrome

The screen sharing functionality was previously not available for Skype for Web users. The recent update brings the screen sharing feature for Google Chrome. However, once you enable screen sharing, the system will turn off your video during the call.

Simplified Interface

Microsoft has redesigned the user interface so that you can easily access all the necessary items when needed. Now you can easily find polls and video messages from the message composer. Additionally, the revamped add-ins menu opens next to the composer.

Bookmark Messages

As we reported earlier, the message bookmarks functionality was previously limited to Windows Insiders. However, the ability to bookmark messages in conversations is now available in the stable builds.

A number of users confirmed that many new features are not available on their systems right now. It is worth noting that Microsoft is gradually rolling out these changes. You might need to wait for a few more days to use them.

Alex Schoff
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