Latest Far Cry 5 event, White Collar Job, rewards players with a Shovel Launcher

This week’s Far Cry 5 event has started and requires players to eliminate targets. The event runs from May 1st to May 8th and rewards include a unique outfit and the shovel launcher.

Ubisoft adds live events to Far Cry 5 every week. These events contain specific objectives that if completed, reward the players with unique outfits and weapons. The previous event, Pickup Blowup, tasked the player with destroying enemy vehicles with explosives. Accomplishing the personal and community objectives awarded players with a muscle car and new outfit respectively. Likewise, the White Collar Job event features both a personal goal and community goal. The event requires the player to eliminate wolves stealthily.

How to access the event

Follow the steps to sign up for the event:

  • Launch Far Cry 5 and navigate to the in-game menu.
  • Go to the Online tab and then select Live Events.
  • Details about the current event will be visible and you will be able to accept the quest.

The Objectives and Rewards

The objective of this challenge is to stealthily kill wolves and collect their collars. Killing Jacob’s Judges, the special brainwashed variants, will also drop the collars. Once the player has killed ten wolves and collected their collars, they will be rewarded with the shovel launcher.

Players who have already completed the challenge have been wreaking havoc using the shovel launcher. Here is a clip of the brutal weapon in action:

The community goal is to get a combined total of 500,000 kills. If completed before May 8th, all players who participated in the event will receive the Jacob’s Hunter outfit shown below:

The shovel launcher is definitely a fun and interesting weapon to use so make sure to take part in the challenge if you can. Far Cry 5 live events update every Tuesday so stay tuned to find out what next week’s objectives are. 

Farhan Ali
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