HBO Releases Teaser for The Last of Us Show

We’ve waited for over two years since HBO first announced that it was making a show based on the hit-videogame series The Last of Us, and today, we just received an update for the show. Although the Last of Us Part 1 Remake is hitting shelves next month, we’ll also get to enjoy a Last of Us TV show next year.

The Last of Us Show by HBO Coming Soon

The series starts 20 years after modern civilization has crumbled. Joel is a survivor who’s been hardened by problems no human being can imagine. He is hired to get Ellie, a young 14-year-old girl, out of a cruel and oppressive quarantine zone.

What starts off as a normal job quickly turns into a journey and story that’s savage, cruel and depressing as they explore what remains of the U.S. and become dependent on each other for their physical and emotional survival.

HBO Max just featured a release trailer for everything that’s coming next year to the platform, and there are a lot of shows lined up. But what really takes the cake here is a sudden pause for people to prepare for the announcement of the Last of Us TV show. We got a brief 20 seconds of the series to take in before it comes next year on HBO Max.

The trailer starts off with winter. We see what appears to be Joel and Ellie walking down a bridge in the middle of winter, and there’s snow everywhere.

Ellie regrets the people around her or the ones she’s lost in the post-apocalyptic world, while Joel has presented to us as a hardened character that’s lost a lot more than that. We also get to see a glimpse of the opening of the Last of Us, which features Joel’s daughter. The brief trailer also showed the fungal remains of a Clicker along with a sneak peek of Nick Offerman as Bill.

And that’s about it. We get to take in a bit of conversation, some guns and some spores growing along the sides of the wall with an intense ambience in the background. Pedro Pascal looks intense, glaring with his eyes wide open into the camera and the scene cuts back to Game of Thrones.

Fans are definitely losing their minds. The trailer garnered ten thousand likes within the first hour, and it’s the only show they’re talking about in the comments, ignoring the rest of the roster of shows revealed. Fans were sceptical about whether Pedro Pascal would be a fit for the show, but after this short but stern performance, there’s no doubt about it whatsoever.

the last of us show hbo
Ellie preparing to fire a rifle | Naughty Dog

We hope they nail the relationship between Joel and Ellie, and maybe, they picked these very set of clips and dialogue to showcase that. The game was pretty important in terms of its storytelling and the bond Joel, and Ellie formed along the way. The actors have seemed to fully embrace their characters and their vulnerabilities to give us spectacular acting, even if it was for just 20 seconds.

Bella Ramsey does a good job expressing Ellie’s fears of abandonment, while Pedro excels at expressing the pain he’s experienced while masking his fear of losing Ellie along the way. Although these are different from the performances portrayed by the actors in the video game, they nail and embody Joel and Ellie as characters.

Though it’s not a lot, it’s great to see a bit of real footage from the series a year after we only got some still images. Pascal looks as worn out and damaged by the post-apocalyptic world as you’d envision him to be.

The Last of Us Show Cast Members

The Last of Us show has been reported to be the biggest TV Production in Canadian History. And it hasn’t been assigned to any third-party studio to write and produce as the co-president of Naughty Dog, Neil Druckmann ensured that he had his hands deep into the show’s production.

He’s the lead writer and producer for Naughty Dog’s upcoming Last of Us Show. Craig Martin provided his fair share of help. If you didn’t know, he’s the writer and the producer for HBO’s critically acclaimed Chernobyl. The series is also set to feature Gabriel Luna as Tommy and, Anna Torv as Tess, Merle Dandrige as the resistance leader Marlene.

The series will also have some guest stars on board. Nico Parker will be featured as Sarah, Joel’s 14-year-old daughter who dies in his arms, , Murray Bartlett as Frank and Nick Offerman as Bill, who spend their days surviving in an isolated town.

And there’s more to the cast than that. Lamar Johnson is set to guest star as Henry, and Sam is played by Keivonn Woodard. Henry and Sam are brothers that live out in Kansas City, avoiding a revolutionary moment that’s out for their blood.

We’ll also get to see Garahm Greene and Elaine Miles playing Marlon and Florence, a married couple that lives alone in the wilderness of the remains of the post-apocalyptic world.

The show is expected to release a total of ten episodes for its first season, but again, there’s no official release date for the first season, and we’ll have to wait until the show is over for the announcement of a second season.

the last of us show hbo
Cover art for the Last of Us Part 1 Remake | Naughty Dog

If you were wondering about a solid release date for the first season of the Last of Us show. Then, you’ll have to wait a solid few months or less than a year for that matter, as the only information we got was “coming next year” if it helps you. Hopefully, we’ll get a release window a few months into the future if that’ll ease up your nerves.

The information around the show’s story direction and narrative is dry, but it’s possible that the people over at Naughty Dog made sure to keep it as close as they could to their original work. However, we might get to see some changes here and there, but that’s pretty normal for adaptations. 

We’ve seen numerous hit shows from HBO max, the likes of Peacemaker and Doom Patrol, and Game of Thrones, so it’s safe to say that the Last of Us Show is in good hands. We just hope it’s like the video games, and there’s no doubt it will be.

So, are you excited for the Last of Us Show that’s dated for release next year? Let us know in the comments below. We upload daily on Appuals, so stay tuned for more. Till then, see you later and goodbye! 


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