The Last of Us Part 1 Remake Will Have A Slightly Altered Ending

In recent months, a large number of The Last of Us Part 1 leaks have appeared online. More information about the remake has gone viral online as fans wait impatiently for a release date.

The Last of Us Part 1 has demonstrated a great graphic boost over the original, despite the criticism. The game is not a replica of the original, though. To begin with, Tess now has a fresh role model. Her new appearance is radically different, and supporters will probably be shocked.

While the plot of The Last Of Us Part 1 will be similar to that of the 2013 game, several revisions have been made. The consistency between the two Last of Us games has been enhanced by these adjustments. Joel decides to murder the surgeon in charge of Ellie’s operation after the first game. Since the doctor turns out to be Abby’s father, his demise triggers the events of The Last Of Us Part 2.

The doctor’s original model has since been replaced by Abby’s father. The doctor was a supporting character in 2013 when Naughty Dog presumably didn’t have a screenplay for the follow-up. Jerry (The Doctor) now appears in The Last of Us Part 1 because he was a significant character in the prequel and sequel.

There is a lot to look forward to ahead of the Last of us Part 1 remake, and Naughty Dog is working hard to meet expectations for the next projects.


Muhammad Zuhair

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