Kuo’s Report Claims Apple Could Launch Either The MacBook Pro 13 or Air This Year With The New Chipset

Its been a while since WWDC that Apple announced its transitions to the ARM-based Apple Silicon. While the company didn’t blatantly mention ARM but considering how they have done with their A12 and prior series, this would be no different. Perhaps, now we move on the to transition phase. Apple has allowed a developer kit with a Mac Mini to the people signing up. With the kit, developers can easily migrate their apps, integrate them properly for the new systems.

Apple Could Release New MacBooks with Apple Silicon

Recently, we got a report from Ming-Chi Kuo who explained Apple timeline for the transition of its systems. Now, in a report from 9to5Mac, they quote Kuo and how Apple may be going about things this year.

The focus of this report was on the MacBook lineup. Specifically the two entry-level models: The MacBook Air and the MacBook Pro 13-inch. According to the analyst, the company would be working for a release for one of the devices by the end of this year or early 2021. He claims that one of these devices is sure to arrive soon. As for the pricing, while he does not endorse any of Apple’s marketing strategies or know them, he believes that it would let Apple reduce the entry price for these machines. Additionally, he believes that the 13-inch would go through a similar design haul as the 15.4-inch did to become the 16-inch MacBook Pro. He believes that Apple would reduce the bezel size and it would allow it to actually increase the screen size to 14-inches. Perhaps, around this time we would see an ARM-powered MacBook Pro 16 as well.

Other than these, the report did not include any news regarding the bigger machines. Although, a previous report from the analyst did point towards a newly designed iMac which could run on the new Apple Silicon.

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