Konami Announces a Silent Hill Transmission Event to be Held This Week

After more than a year of speculation, Konami has announced that this week’s digital event will feature “the latest updates” for the Silent Hill franchise.

The Silent Hill series has been the subject of a flurry of rumours and news this year. Online insiders claimed Konami plans to revive the popular horror series by contracting out a number of projects to different firms.After a series of events, Konami has now confirmed that Silent Hill is returning in some form and has scheduled a Silent Hill Transmission on Wednesday, October 19, at 2 PM PDT. 

A new Silent Hill webpage has been launched on Konami’s website in conjunction with today’s announcement; it just displays the franchise’s new logo to visitors.

The tweet make reference to the opening line of the letter that James Sunderland receives in Silent Hill 2, which sets the plot in motion. This sentence might allude to the long-rumored release of the Bloober Team-created remake, which was recently the subject of some gameplay and screenshot leaks.

Masahito Ito, who served as Team Silent’s art director from 1999 to 2007, retweeted the statement, prompting speculation as to which groups may have been involved with Wednesday’s revelation. Ito created many of the creatures that appeared in the game and served as the art director for the first three instalments of the Konami horror franchise. 

The return of Silent Hill may not be the only franchise Konami has in mind for the foreseeable future. Konami plans to release new games and remakes of their classic Castlevania and Metal Gear Solid IPs, as reported by the VGC last year. However, it appears that Silent Hill has been chosen as the first franchise to present what Konami has been working on for the past few years. 

Earlier this week, Silent Hill director Christopher Gans teased multiple upcoming franchise projects. The Bloober Team and Konami are collaborating on a remake of Silent Hill 2 according to Gans. He added that different studios would be in charge of the other games. 

Since there have been rumours of a new sequel to Silent Hill for a while, fans have been anxiously awaiting it. With today’s announcement, it is encouraging to see Konami working on the series.


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