Kojima Productions and NASA Team Up for A Special Edition Watch

The timepiece itself is called Space Ludens - The correlation of Time, Space and Homo Ludens

Hideo Kojima has been on a roll recently, first working with PlayStation, and now entering a new deal with Xbox to make an exclusive game for them. But games aren’t the only thing Kojima productions has been working on, as they surprised fans with a recent collaboration announcement with NASA, on an upcoming special edition watch. Although not very surprising as the company already sells apparels and other collectibles on their website. 

The watch itself is being made by ANICORN, which is an independent watchmaker and design company. The company actually works with other companies to manufacture special edition watches and other accessories. In fact, if you go through their catalogue, they already have a collaborative line with NASA

ANICORN designed SPACE LUDENS with KOJIMA PRODUCTIONS using the NASA logo as one of the design motifs, it is a perfect alignment with the concept of “bringing fun into the unknown universe”.

Ludens is the KOJIMA PRODUCTION studio icon and mascot designed by Yoji Shinkawa that was originally born from the idea of an astronaut exploring a digital space.


The timepiece itself is called Space Ludens. And this is a callback to the company’s mascot, which incidentally is also named Ludens. The mascot can be seen wearing an “extra-vehicular creative activity (ECA) suit” and carries a flag bearing the Kojima Productions logo. The upcoming watch is apparently inspired by the Ludens’ EVA (Extra-Vehicular Activity) Creative Suit, which can be seen in the watch’s chunky metal design with silver and gold accents. 

According to ANICORN, the watch will be released on 27th September, and can be purchased directly from their website. While pricing details haven’t been revealed yet, you can expect the price tag to be north of the $900 mark. Most of ANICORN’s other watches are priced in the same bracket, starting from $500, going all the way to the $1000+ mark for the NASA 60-year anniversary series. 


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