Klipsch RP-280F Speakers Review

Klipsch is no stranger to the ever-demanding rise in the market for speakers that make the college party speakers look like infants. Their name commands respect for they have perfected their art for over 70 years. RP-280F is one of the largest tower speakers by Klipsch. It follows the newer line of Reference Premiere series which succeeded the previous Reference II models. The RP-290F will come with two 8-inch mighty strong woofers which will certainly stand tall in your home theatre. But what more does will this $1000 purchase guarantee? Keep on reading to find out more.

Klipsch RP-280F

The Best Entry-Level Floor Standing Speaker


  • Magnetically attached grille which is easily removable
  • Power efficient and easy to drive
  • Rubber Tractrix horn eliminates resonances
  • Deep and powerful bass with rich audio at all ranges


  • Ideal positioning might be a bit difficult due to the large size

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Sensitivity: 98 dB | Horn Type: Klipsch Tractrix | Nominal Impedance: 8 ohms | Crossover Frequency: 1750 Hz | Speaker Drivers: 2 speaker and 1 woofer

VERDICT:Rich sound, dominating and deep bass with a lot of headroom in lower frequencies- the RP-280F does it all. From the outer design to the working performance, these do not disappoint. Slight tinkering in EQ levels is all that's needed to get the best out of Klipsch RP-280F

Klipsch RP-280F Showcase

Klipsch are the pioneers in what they do and they have their years of hard work and dedication to prove that. As a result, we’re often left with a well-executed product that does not disappoint. RP-280F is a prime example of that. To start off, we especially love the unique and ergonomic design of this speaker. Everything has been carefully crafted and that has left us with speakers that deliver great sound. Moreover, a simple 2.0 system will be more than capable of handling the high bass requirements of whichever genre you wish to play. Not just that, but the RP-280F speakers were able to play music at high volumes without disrupting the original sound. Klipsch’s Tractrix horn manages to soften the treble vibrations by eliminating unneeded resonance.

The RP-280F are designed for spacious, highly demanding sound requests. Which is why having them adjusted in a small room will require quite some tuning before the perfect response is received. Although it’s quite rare to see a user with congested space buying tower speakers still, this point should be kept in mind. Tune the bass settings accordingly and even the most nitpicky audiophiles will find that there is little to complain about the performance of RP-280F.


The Klipsch speakers have a sleek design that’s quite easily recognizable as theirs. The outskirts of RP-280F are somewhat similar to the R-28F and RF-82 models. Of course, the newer RP-280F comes with some modifications for the better. Starting from the bottom, it’s noticeable that the speakers have been placed at a distance above the ground level. And not just that, the bottom speakers are given a 2-degree tilt as to maximize the ideal angle adjustment. The woofers also follow a similar construction pattern. The tweeters are created using aluminum whereas the woofers have the traditional cerametallic material as is used in almost all Klipsch woofers. All of these have copper accents about them which blend really well with both Ebony and Cherry colors

Klipsch RP-280F Front View

Moving further up is the redesigned bass reflex port, which Klipsch likes to call the Tractrix horn. There is a rubber coating around the horn which mitigates the tearing high bass sound that we’re often used to. The ergonomically designed outer shell of the RP-280F work in harmony to deliver a flatter frequency response. A flatter response essentially means that you hear how the input sound is intended to be heard. There is less processing loss and overall, a better output sound. You’ll also notice the dual binding posts at the rear port area for improved cable management.

Magnetic Grille Looks Perfect

The black grille at the front is magnetically attached, and as a result, there are no screw holes. Instead, simply pull off the grille which sticks to the cabinets with hidden magnets. The design is extremely well made and it looks pleasant to look at with or without the grille. Remove the grille and you’ll see the speakers and the 90 x 90 Tractrix horn with copper accents. The subwoofer has a bass reflex design which really compliments all of the other features to increase the overall efficiency of the system. A bass reflex design is like a closed box speaker but has a twist in it. It has an open port which makes air circulation through the box easy. This increase in sound is really prominent in lower frequencies, offering a +3dB efficiency. Moreover, at lower frequencies, there is less distortion so you need not worry about that.


The RP-280F is a massive powerhouse tower speaker and is one of the best out there. The experience with a pair of these is truly unparalleled. Having owned just a 2.0 system will be more than enough to handle almost all of the music genres. The bass is deep and powerful and, the dent in your pockets is fairly justified when you listen to what the RP-280F is capable of. It is quite visible from just the construction of the RP-280F that everything has been carefully planned to enhance the auditory experience. Most notably, the Tractrix horn. It has a square mouth with circular throat and has rubber coatings on it. This gives the treble a more neutral approach rather than a tiring one.

In order to have a fully immersive experience, we recommend getting the full system including the woofers. However, as stated previously, just the 2.0 will suffice as well. It’s recommended that speakers be placed with a slight tilt towards the sitting position and be somewhere between 7-15 feet apart. Once done, you’ll notice how rich the RP-280F is in the bass. What buyers will love is that the RP-280F are highly power efficient and as such, don’t need a demanding power amp to run. You can essentially get that sweet spot out of them using low powered amplifiers as well. Regardless of whichever means of power you use, the result will leave a sweet taste in your ears. Literal music to your ears.

Along with being massive and handling bass incredibly well, the RP-280F is loud. The volume control has a sensitivity of 98dB which results in incredibly loud sounds being played out. Of course, you need not worry about the quality of the sound at high volumes as well since the RP-280F handles all of that like a piece of cake. An improved and greater tone renditioning, flatter frequency response and an overall improved dynamic- this tower speaker does all of that with ease. They deliver a very good stereo separation and imaging with a deep and wide soundstage.

Impressive Integral Speaker Design

Klipsch does not shy away from a challenge. In terms of what the RP-280F tower speakers can do, quite honestly, it’s almost everything. Klipsch strives to give you the perfect home theatre system. For the complete system, set up a full 5.1 surround system with careful placing of each speaker. You will be absorbed in an immersive experience like no other. From a cutoff frequency of 1.5kHz and up, the Tractrix horn delivers a dynamic and distortion free tweeter. The thought process that went in designing the Tractrix horn is made visible hear as due to that, the auditory experience reaches far beyond expectations. The bass reflex design, as mentioned earlier, minimizes airflow noise from the bass port.


An in-depth glimpse of the internals

The amazing sound that the RP-280F delivers is not solely done so by the inner circuitry. As emphasized before, it’s also due to the overall design changes that were integrated onto the newer speaker model by Klipsch. Most notably, the Tractrix horn. This Tractrix horn is has a circular neck and a 90 x 90 rectangular mouth. Both of these are combined together to form the Tractrix horn itself. Additionally, the two subwoofers are capable of playing incredibly low frequencies very effectively.

These subwoofers can go down to 24Hz and deliver a very pleasing experience. Inside this Tractrix horn is the tweeter itself made of titanium.

The frequency response for the RP-280F is rated at 25 Hz to 32 Hz (+/- 3 dB). The sensitivity ratings are 98 dB/2.83 V/m with each speaker being able to handle a minimum of 150 Watts of power at 8 ohms nominal impedance. As such, the RP-280F is an easy speaker to power and use. That’s not it though, as with this rating there really is no need for an additional woofer. The speakers are more than capable of handling the bass requirements due to a flatter frequency response at even the lower frequencies. Klipsch’s RP-280F makes you want to listen more. The sounds are beautifully well balanced and deep, with ideal adjustments to treble and bass.


Klipsch RP-280F tower speakers are an excellent 2-channel audio system choice. The sound quality is rich for an audiophilic listening experience, and sensitivity is good enough for a loud house party. The primary fear attached to tower speakers is they produce too much bass, and as such, leave a distorted and torn up taste. That is certainly not the case with these bad boys. Provided, you can use an equalizer to adjust the level to your personal preference, we found that even with the stock settings, the RP-280F were incredibly well balanced. Keep in mind, that these speakers are intended for those grandiose purposes. Therefore, some level of EQ adjustments will be required depending on the size of the room.

The ebony finish looks stealthy

From the redesigning of the Tractrix horn to the slight tilt in the speakers at the base, everything is there for a purpose. We found that there was very little to complain with the RP-280F speakers. These towers are an excellent choice for not just a 2.0 system but a complete home cinema as well. The rubber in the Tractrix horn works well to eliminate any resonances as the sound is crystal, smooth and of a wide range. Moreover, with the 8-ohm nominal impedance, they can easily be paired up with just about any amplifier or DAC Amp. Some might struggle a bit to find the ideal position due to their incredibly large size but will find their struggle well worth the time and effort.

Price at the time of review: $400

Klipsch RP-280F

Design - 9
Features - 7
Quality - 8.5
Performance - 8.5
Value - 7.5


User Rating: 4.5 ( 3 votes)
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