Kiwi Browser Adds “Edge History Swipe” Just Like Chrome

The browser has made few changes in order to improve performance

-There are limited mobile web browsers that are currently dominating the market. In this tough competitive environment, it gets difficult for small players to make a name out for themselves. However, the Kiwi web browser has been doing it successfully over time. The web browser continues to keep itself updated every now and then. This helps it to compete with the likes of Firefox and Chrome.

Kiwi web browser continues to update itself with new features to stay relevant. The latest update that the browser has rolled out is the integration of Edge History Swipe. Through this integration, users of Kiwi browser will be able to go back and forward on a website just by swiping left or right. This particular feature is particularly important for the power users of the browser.

The feature is not something new that Kiwi has introduced in the market. It has been available in Google Chrome for quite some time now. Other changes that the Kiwi browser has made include additional optimizations for better performances. The optimizations are helping developers perform Java scripts in Kiwi 10% faster than Chrome, which is a huge achievement for Kiwi.

Other than these, Kiwi has also made other small changes to its browser including the dark mode. The browser supports the dark theme for nighttime browsing which has been improved in this latest update. Customizable home tiles have also been updated through which you can pin your favorite websites so that you can view them quickly as compared to others.

The Kiwi web browser has quite a few distinctive features. These features make it an alternative choice for browsers like Chrome and Firefox. The browser has got fast page load speed as well as an ad-blocker so that you can have an ad-free browsing experience. The browser is only available on Android devices as iOS doesn’t support third-party browsers.

Indranil Chowdhury
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