Kingdom Hearts 3 Post-Launch Plans Include Epilogue and ‘Secret Movie’

As we approach the release of Kingdom Hearts 3, publisher Square Enix has revealed the post-launch plans for the game. After its release on January 25th, the game will receive a day-one update followed by the addition of an epilogue and a ‘secret movie’. The Japanese release schedule is slightly ahead of the US one.

Memory Archives

The official Kingdom Hearts Twitter account revealed the schedule in a series of tweets. The ‘Memory Archives’ feature will be unlocked in the US on January 29th. It can be accessed via the game’s title menu at any time.

Epilogue and Secret Movie

On January 30th, the epilogue video of Kingdom Hearts 3 will be unlocked for US players. Players who have completed the main story and watched the ending of the game will have access to the epilogue. A secret movie is also on the way. It can only be accessed by those who meet a “certain criteria”, which varies depending on the difficulty level.

“The epilogue and secret movie are video content that will enhance player’s enjoyment of the world of Kingdom Hearts,” reads the tweet.

A month before its release, the retail version of Kingdom Hearts 3 was leaked. The mass sharing of the spoilers was enough to make the game’s director comment on the leaks. The delayed release of the content is a strategy to combat leaks. Unfortunately, this means that players will require an internet connection to download Kingdom Hearts 3 updates.

All of the content listed above will be released via free game updates.

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