Killzone Shadow Fall and Mercenary Servers Shutting Down

It seems that another one bites the dust. Killzone Shadow Fall and Killzone Mercenary’s online servers are finally shutting down, and people are not happy about this. The Intercept mode and RIGS: Mechanized combat league will also come to a halt on August 12, 2022.

It’s pretty early, and we’ve got less than a month to enjoy the game as multiplayer modes will be unplayable after August 12. But on the bright side, single-player and offline modes will remain playable if you’re into that.

Killzone Shadowfall and Killzone Mercenary Servers shutting Down

Shadow Fall and Mercenary were the latest or, to be specific, last entries in the Killzone franchise, and we haven’t seen another release since 2013. Killzone Mercenary was released back in 2013 for the PSVita, which is basically on its deathbed, and Shadow Fall was released as a launch title for the PS4 later on.

Mercenary was a pretty decent launch title for the PSVita for its incredible visuals, considering that the game felt like a PS3 title at the time.

The Killzone Franchise website was also killed off sometime in January 2021. Killzone was once a flagship franchise for the Playstation, featuring six installments across the PS3, PS4, and handheld devices over a span of 9 years following its debut in 2004.

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But why did Guerrilla kill off the Killzone Franchise with just one tweet? It appears Guerrilla has its hands full with their latest franchise Horizon. Horizon Forbidden West was a hit title for PS4 and PS5. Guerrilla revealed that it has planned to release a trilogy of Horizon Games in addition to a PSVR title called Horizon Call of the Mountain.

When inquired about the future of the Killzone Franchise, the then-boss of Guerrilla, Herman Hulst(who is now Playstation’s head of Worldwide Studios), gave the Academy of Interactive Arts and Science an answer of non-committal.

Herman Hulst seems pretty vague about the future of Killzone and the reason why Killzone servers were shut down wasn’t discussed. We can only speculate that the studio couldn’t afford or choose to cut down operation costs by shutting down servers on games they had been supporting for over 11 years. If it’s put like that, it sounds pretty reasonable.

Still, fans deserved to get a new entry for the franchise to look forward to a videogame series they adored and loved to death.

Killzone Servers Shutting Down
A nostalgic throwback to Killzone | Prima Games

He stated that he gets asked that question a lot about the future of the Killzone Franchise, whether it be on Twitter or other social media channels. It’s pretty heartwarming to hear that there’s a strong appetite from such a loyal Killzone fanbase. The former boss stated that the franchise and universe are something that they still love with passion over at Guerrilla.

It’s not easy moving onto projects that are completely different from doing what we love. To say that we’ve shut off the series  behind closed doors would be incorrect as it’s too early to be making such announcements.

All we can say is that we’ve always loved the Killzone universe and the Killzone series, and we still do. We share that passion for the game with a lot of our fans.

We haven’t seen a Killzone game for over 11 years now, and the company also shut down the Killzone website. So, we’re unsure if Guerrilla will be releasing another Killzone anytime soon. It’s safe to say that the company has put the franchise to a halt until sometime in the future. Till then, we can keep our expectations low while hoping for the best.

Sadly, Killzone servers are shutting down and no amount of begging or crying could change the outcome of this reality. And that’s it for the end of the Killzone series, or is it? Tune in to Appuals to check out tons of interesting gaming news. Till then, see you later!


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