Journey To The Savage Planet Devs Form Raccoon Logic Studio After Google Shut Down

The late Typhoon Studio gets a new lease on life following their disastrous outing for Google and Stadia, with plans to build upon the foundation of their first title.

Google’s ambitious Stadia project has been keeping quiet as of late, although many in the gaming space have already started to dismiss this once-promising endeavor from one of the largest tech companies in the world. That said, while it can be noted that the biggest victim of Google’s blunder with the Stadia was Google itself, nobody should forget the development teams and studios that fell along the way.

One of the bigger and well-known tragedies following the studio shutdowns was Typhoon Studio, who, while under the recently closed Stadia Games and Entertainment studios, developed Journey to the Savage Planet, an adventure game released last year and garnered positive reviews on PC and consoles. In a strange twist, after announcing and releasing the Stadia version on February 1st of this year, Google shut down Stadia Games the same day, which made various headlines as Journey to the Savage Planet shipped with game-breaking bugs. Google’s shutdown of Stadia Games, and by extension Typhoon Studios, meant that the developers did not have access to the code to try and fix the game for the Stadia playerbase.

However, there is some hope for the remnants of Typhoon Studios, as some of the former AAA developers announced the formation of their latest venture: Raccoon Logic, based in Montreal.

Life after death, and a future for Raccoon Logic

Speaking exclusively to, studio head and co-founder Reid Schneider mentioned the rarity of their situation and how they managed to put most of the team back together for this new venture.

“It’s very rare that everyone gets laid off at the same time, so you don’t have issues with poaching people from other companies,” Schneider says. “It was this unique moment in time and we felt like we had unfinished business to take care of. We were like ‘Well, what if we put the band back together?'”

Schneider also mentioned that he estimates that 75 percent of Typhoon Studio came back – or stuck around – for Raccoon Logic. While starting a new venture like this can be frightening, especially on the back of a massive layoff that most of them experienced, Schneider stated that they were not exactly starting without anything either.

As Google no longer has any plans to make content internally for the Stadia, the team managed to get their hands back on their IP for Journey to the Savage Planet. This should be a signal that the team is not yet done with the game – for now, at least – and that fans of the title should look forward to hearing from Raccoon Logic soon.

As a rising indie studio, and with bills to pay, Raccoon Logic has found an investor from the Chinese entity Tencent. That said, it was only a minority investment, as the former Typhoon devs are still very much independent.

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