John ‘TotalBiscuit’ Bain To Be Inducted Into Esports Hall of Fame

John ‘TotalBiscuit’ Bain, who passed due to bowel cancer earlier this year in may, will be honored among the gaming community by being inducted into the Esports Hall of Fame. TotalBiscuit was a video game commentator as well as a game critic and amassed a big following on his Youtube channel.

The post on the ESL website sharing the heartwarming announcement reads:

“His influence on the esports scene can not be understated as his passion and support helped drive various competitive titles towards the heights they reached today. He left behind a body of work unmatched by any other while still managing to give a voice to indie scenes and breakout players.”

TotalBiscuit, also known as TotalHalibut and The Cynical Brit, started his successful career running ‘WoW Radio’, a World of Warcraft radio station. Later on, he started a Youtube channel where he critiqued video games in his “WTF Is…” series. After his Youtube took off, Bain became actively indulged in the StarCraft community by shoutcasting games and sponsoring teams. In September 2012, TotalBiscuit announced the creation of a StarCraft 2 esports team named Axiom. Following his cancer diagnosis in 2014, the team was disbanded the next year after being unsuccessful.

“His contributions to the industry are immeasurable and as such we are honored to induct him into the Esports Hall of Fame as the first non-player. His legacy will live on.”

John Bain will be the first non-player to be added to the ESL Hall of Fame. Alongside many others, such as Dennis “Thresh” Thong and Ola “elemeNt” Moum, TotalBiscuit will forever be remembered as a gaming legend.

Farhan Ali

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