John Cena Coming to Fortnite

Fortnite pretty much sets itself apart from the rest of its competition which consists of a constant influx of new skins and even events. Previously, claims about a Last of Us collaboration were rumored to be in the works, but these rumors were shut down by Naughty Dog copresident Neil Duckmann. Sadly this collab didn’t happen, but what is confirmed to come out is John Cena for the Epic Summer Slam Event.

Epic Games is officially collaborating with WWE as a part of the Epic Game’s SummerSlam celebration. The WWE SummerSlam is pretty much a few days away, with Logan Paul duking it out with the Miz, Bianca Belair vs. Becky Lynch for Raw’ Women’s Championship

Then we got Brock Lesnar vs. Roman Reigns for the WWE Universal Championship, and the list continues. WWE is promoting all these new and exciting major events with a theme called “Summer Nights” by Jelly Roll.

John Cena isn’t on the SummerSlam card. He’s still one of the most requested characters for SummerSlam. John Cena will be added to the Item Shop at around 8 PM ET on July 28. The wrestling superstar will come with two default costume sets which are his Iconic Entrance Gear and his Ring Gear style.

John Cena Fortnite
A full look at John Cena’s Character Model | Cultured Vultures

The outfits basically come as a part of a full John Cena set which takes into account the WWE Championship Title Back Bling, a U Can’t C Me Emote, and a Five Digit Slapper pickaxe. This is all pretty exciting news, but to be fair, this isn’t the first time John Cena has been linked to Fortnite. 

Fans speculated that  John Cena would make an appearance as his DCEU superhero character Peacemaker. Whether the DECU Peacemaker would have been a better fit for Fortnite compared to the current John Cena Outfit is entirely up to choice. And the timing of the release is pretty good.

So, are you excited for the SuperSlam even on Fortnite, and are you willing to pay money for the  John Cena set? Let us know in the comments below, and tune in next time for more gaming news.

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