JEDEC Finally Announces LPDDR5 RAM Modules For Smartphones

It’s been almost 4 years since LPDDR4x RAM was announced. LPDDR5 have been amidst news since quite a while now. The previous news about LPDDR5 memories promised a load of features and improvements. That included more speed, better efficiency, power management, and stuff.  Today,  JEDEC Solid State Technology Association, made LPDDR5 memory official.

As Business Wire writes, “LPDDR5 will eventually operate at an I/O rate of 6400 MT/s, 50% higher than that of the first version of LPDDR4, which will significantly boost memory speed and efficiency for a variety of applications including mobile computing devices such as smartphones, tablets, and ultra-thin notebooks”. JEDEC also claims that the latest memory will offer new features for mission-critical applications such as automotive.

Data-Copy, Write-X & A number of new features

The increased data rate from 3200 MT/s to 6400 MT/s might be a game-changer in the world of different types of electronic equipment.  One of the most striking development is the move to 16 Banks programmable architecture and multi-clocking architecture. Two notable additions to the feature list is Data-Copy and Write-X. Both of them aim to improve power consumption by reducing data transmission. The Data-Copy command instructs the LPDDR5 device to copy data transmitted on a single I/O pin to the other I/O pins. This eliminates the need to transmit data to the other pins. The Write-X command instructs the device to write all-ones or all-zeros to a specific address. This eliminates the need to send data from the SoC to the LPDDR5 device.

The LPDDR5 memory does sound pretty promising on paper. While we are yet to see real-world performance, we have high hopes from the same. Currently, it is available for purchase from the official website of JEDEC Solid State Technology Association at a price of $355.00.

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