Japanese company GMO rolls out first Bitcoin mining device

Cryptocurrency is greatly expected to be the future of transactions and the wide acceptance of this method of transaction greatly supports the fact. With that being said, GMO a Japanese company with its grounds in Tokyo wholly conceived the importance of this idea and introduced the first ever Bitcoin mining rig of Japan created completely by the Japanese company itself. The news was cracked this week by GMO.

This movement by GMO announced their open battle against Bitmain as per this statement given by the CEO of GMO Masatoshi Kumagai, “I respect Bitmain, but we will top them”. Now the point to ponder is that what gives GMO the confidence to have such trust in their device and promote it so aggressively? Let us take a look. As compared to the major producers of mining rigs out there GMO uses a 7nm semiconductor chip whereas as Bitmain uses 16nm chip for Antminer and Halong Mining uses a 10nm chip for DragonMint T1 manufactured by Samsung. So this feature of GMO’s mining rig not only makes it the first but also the fastest, reliable and most productive of all those being offered for trade. This fact makes the possibility of replacement of Bitmain highly likely and the confidence can be sensed among the GMO representatives.

GMO is predicting monstrous increase of 900% elevation from the contemporary standards of hashrate as supported by the previous increase of hashrate from 22PH/s six months ago in December now to a current hashrate of 299PH/s. Also the company has “mined 472 BTC and 37 BCH last month” according to a data report. The expectations of GMO are shooting high and they aim to stop no where less than a hashrate of 3000PH/s which will help GMO to improve its Bitcoin mining potency to a huge deal.

Some specifications of B2 states that it can achieve 24TH/s as compared to S9 that goes up to14TH/s. B2 does this at a power utilization of 1950W per unit which is actually 81W per 1TH/s.

Bloomberg tech correspondent Yuji Nakamura reports that, however created in Japan, the B2’s 7nm chips were manufactured in Taiwan, originally by TSMC. Which likewise supplies China-based mining monster Bitmain with a large portion of its chips.


A good news for the gamers is that GMO built up an application called “CryptoChips” that dispenses bitcoin rewards to gamers in light of their rankings in the games they play.

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