Japan Defeats United Kingdom in Tekken Nations Cup, Advances to Lower Bracket Semi-Finals

In a thrilling playoff match today, Japan defeated United Kingdom 3-1, advancing to the lower bracket semi-finals. The match was close throughout, but Japan managed to win every one of their rounds.

With this victory, Japan is one step closer to the grand finals and the $1,000,000 prize pool. The team will next face the loser of the Pakistan vs. Korea match.

Japan’s victory was led by star player NOBI, who was a force on the defensive end, in the last round, denying UK’s K-WISS to draw the game.

United Kingdom’s star player, JoKa had a strong game, managing to get away with 2-2, but was denied at the last round. Also, he was unable to get enough help from his teammates, as the UK struggled to find an answer for Japan’s offense.

With this victory, Japan is now one of four teams remaining in the playoffs. The other three teams are Pakistan, Korea, Japan. The lower bracket semi-finals, and the grand final will be played today.

Now in a moment we will report to you on Pakistan v Korea, but today one team will finally take home $1,000,000!


Muhammad Qasim

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