Jabra Tour Bluetooth Hands Free Speakerphone Review

Jabra Tour Bluetooth Car Speakerphone

Best for Price


  • Great sound performance on both ends
  • Excellent battery life
  • Quick and easy setup
  • Has spoken caller ID


  • Lacks an FM Transmitter to project sound to car speakers

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Battery life: 20hrs | Standby Time: 40 days | No.of speakers: 1 (2 Watts) | Range: 33 feet

VERDICT:If you have one of those older model cars that lack Bluetooth functionality this is a great budget speakerphone you can use for hands-free calls. It has great sound on both ends and also supports the very much needed voice commands

According to the CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention), 9 people are killed and 1000 others injured every day in the US due to distracted driving. Now, there are many activities that count as distracted driving but texting and operating your mobile phone while driving definitely sits at the top of the list. Most of the new cars come with a hands-free function integrated into their stereo which allows you to receive your calls without getting distracted from your driving.

But if you are using an old model car, you will not have this feature. Also in some of the newer cars, the sound performance may sometimes be weak forcing you to physically use your phone. At instances like this is when you need an alternative option or more precisely a Bluetooth speakerphone.

Jabra Tour

There are many brands that are making these gadgets but only a few have managed to stand out. Personally, I think Jabra is nailing it. Which is, therefore, not surprising that I think that the Jabra Freeway is the absolute best Bluetooth speakerphone in the market right now.

Then I realized that the Freeway price range may not be friendly to everyone. Which prompted me to look for a cheaper alternative that still provides great quality. And so here we are doing a review of the Jabra Tour.

Of course, the reduced prices means you will have to compromise on some features. Like for instance, the Jabra Tour does not have an FM transmitter that allows you to project the sound to your car speakers. Also, the sound quality between the two is incomparable. But compared to other speakerphones like the Motorola Roadster 2 that are within the same price range, the Jabra Tour is a great deal.

Here is a breakdown of my experience with the Jabra Tour.

Unboxing the Jabra Tour

Unlike the Jabra Freeway, the Jabra Tour is of average size. Not that this gives you an advantage since once you mount it on your visor then you won’t have to touch it again. Unless for some reason you are unable to recharge it from inside your car. Or you have several cars and just one speaker. If so then it becomes much easier to carry it around.

Box contents

Jabra Tour PackagingThis Bluetooth speakerphone has a total of 5 buttons. The call button is the most prominent and it can also be used to receive and end a call. I found that after a few times of trying I could reach up and press this button without taking my eyes off the road. And that is a win for me because it means less distraction. Also as you will see later there is an even better way to receive and end your calls.

Other buttons include the voice command activation buttons, volume up and down button and then there is the mute button to mute the microphone.

The Tour ships in with a car charger and USB cable in the package.

Bluetooth Setup

Jabra Tour Setup Process

The pairing process is not anything complicated but I love that Jabra still saw the need to incorporate a step by step voice guide. It’s always like that with all their Bluetooth devices that I have used. The voice will confirm to you that connection has been established successfully. A great way to avoid guesswork. Now, that we have our speakerphone all set up let’s look at what it has to offer.

Phonecall Sound Performance

The Jabra Tour has been designed to provide you with seamless hands-free calling and it executes this perfectly. After getting used to the Jabra Freeway which is equipped with three speakers I was a little worried that the Tour’s single speaker would not impress me. I was wrong. The clarity is amazing.

The small size makes the sound feel like it’s coming from a very small singular place above you but I only noticed this because I have been using the Freeway which has a bigger voice surface area.

Moreover, the microphone is equipped with effective noise cancellation to facilitate a crisp conversation from both ends of the call. I tried calling a friend with my car stereo playing some songs at average volume and it did not affect the quality of the call. However, at extreme volumes, the guy on the other end could only hear part of what I was saying. There was another friend who complained that I was speaking from very far off but since it’s a singular occurrence, I am positive the problem was on their end.

General Sound Performance

On top of receiving hands-free calls, this speaker can be a great alternative to transmit GPS instructions. The positioning above your head allows you to follow all the directions seamlessly. I tried listening to some music, pop songs specifically, but it was barely the experience I was looking for.

I am one of those guys who won’t really enjoy a song unless it has a punch to it. But if you believe that the vocals are the core to a song then you won’t have a problem using the Tour for music listening. I also tried listening to some audiobooks and a morning podcast and the sound quality was good enough.

Voice Commands

Jabra Tour Voice Commands

The Jabra Tour has a number of voice commands you can use to control it but my favorite are the Answer and Ignore commands. They are great features that ensure that you don’t take your eyes off the road to manually swipe the receive button on your mobile phone. Even better, if your phone supports the Bluetooth Phonebook Access Profile (BPAP) then the in-built voice will announce the name of the caller.

Other functions you can perform using your voice include checking the battery life, initiating a new call or dictating a message. Although if you have an accent or driving at a particularly noisy place the message dictation may prove to be a challenge.

Most Bluetooth car speakerphones allow integration with Google’s Virtual assistant only but with Tour, you can also link it with Apple’s Siri and Amazon Alexa.

Jabra Tour Showcase

Battery Life

On a full charge, the Jabra Tour can do about 20 hours of talk time and 40 days of standby time. Considering that an average person spends about 3 hours in their car every day then this enough power to last you a month. As I write this review I have been testing it for two weeks and I still have the battery at 85%.

The motion sensor is a great feature found in all the Jabra Bluetooth speakerphones that helps in preserving power. If there are no movements in the car for long periods then the speakers shut off automatically.

I did not have a problem with automatic shutdown but in some instances, the speaker was unable to turn back on after I got back in the car. At these times I had to jolt it back by pressing the call button.


At the time of writing this, the Jabra Tour is going for about $79 on their online retail shop. I feel that this is a fair price and also the main selling strength of this gadget. For all the features it provides, it is a worthy investment.

Final Verdict

In case it’s not clear to you up to this point, the Jabra is a Bluetooth car speakerphone that solely exists to facilitate hands-free calling. And it does this exceptionally well. All the other features like using it to follow GPS directions and listening to podcasts are bonus features meant to make you fall in love more.

So if you are sick of poor communication and looking for something with great call back quality then you will find it in the Jabra Tour.

Jabra Tour Bluetooth Hands Free Speakerphone

Design - 8
Features - 7
Performance - 8


f you have one of those older model cars that lack Bluetooth functionality this is a great budget speakerphone you can use for hands-free calls. It has great sound on both ends and also supports the very much needed voice commands

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