Jabra Freeway Bluetooth Car Speakerphone Review

Jabra Freeway Bluetooth In-car Speakerphone

Best Car Speakerphone


  • Comes with three speakers for the best sound performance
  • Has an FM Transmitter to project sound to car speakers
  • Great quality mic with effective noise cancellation
  • Has spoken caller ID


  • Motion sensor may have issues detecting activity

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Battery life: 14hrs | Standby Time: 40 days | No.of speakers: 3 (7 Watts) | Range: 33 feet

VERDICT:Equipped with three speakers, the Jabra Freeway is one of the best sounding Bluetooth speakerphone you can have right now. It may not be the cheapest but you get value for your money.

Did you know that in Connecticut, the penalty for using a hand-held mobile phone while driving is $150? And that is for the first time violation. If found in violation of this law for a second time the charges double. Then any subsequent violation after that will cost you $500. The situation is similar across all the other states though the penalties will vary. Some even add points to your driving record if found in violation. In a worst-case scenario, distracted driving tickets could lead to your insurance company demanding higher premiums from you.

I am sorry. Am sure you did not come here to be schooled on the phone use laws. You want to know if the Jabra Freeway is the best speakerphone to use in your car. I just thought that if you knew what you are saving yourself from then you will never doubt if you made the right choice. So here we go.

Jabra Freeway

The Jabra Freeway is not the only Bluetooth speakerphone you can use for hands-free calling in your car. There are literally thousands of other models. I have had my share of them and each time I ended up disappointed. The Motorola Roadster is one of the few that managed to impress me but it still does not come close to the Jabra Freeway. A word of advice from me. Don’t opt for a speaker just because it’s cheap.

When a friend recommended that I try the Jabra Freeway, I was skeptical because I knew Jabra as a maker of office headsets. Nonetheless, it’s been one month since I started using it and I am totally sold. This is the best Bluetooth car speakerphone I have used and I say that with all the confidence.

Unboxing the Jabra Freeway

Even before I opened the Jabra Freeway package, I was already aware that this speakerphone is larger than most of the others. But still, seeing it physically for the first time I was a little taken back. Good thing it’s a visor clip-on speaker so you don’t have to worry about portability. But it does cover a huge area of the sun visor.

The insides

Then again, therein the size lies its biggest strength. The Jabra Freeway has three speakers. The makers claim that it’s meant to simulate a surround sound system and although that’s not entirely the case, it does provide a significantly better sound experience. More on that later.The overall design of the Freeway speaker is impressive and will look great with almost any car décor.

Jabra Freeway
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It has a black fabric material covering the three speakers and a plastic finish on either side of the speaker. This speakerphone has a total of 6 buttons that you are used for receiving/ending calls, volume up and down, muting the microphone, switching on the FM transmitter and the last one activates voice command.

Included in the package is a car charger and a micro USB cable.

Setup Process

The setup process was very simple and it took me less than a minute to link with my mobile phone. You just switch on Bluetooth on your device, scan for available devices and pair with the Freeway once it is detected. I like that Jabra has added an in-built voice to guide you through the process. The voice will notify you when the connection has been established successfully.

It had the shortest connection time of all the other Bluetooth speakers I had used.

FM Transmission adds on to the simple setup

Sound Performance

The Jabra has three speakers but how good is the sound output really? It is excellent. See, this speakerphone is not meant to listen to music. Its primary function is to facilitate hands-free calling. But the way it’s set up you can use it for music listening and actually end up enjoying it. Of course, the bass is missing so you can’t experience the full beauty of hip hop and EDM music but I loved how it projected soul and country music. You can also use the speakerphone to listen to podcasts and audiobooks when traveling.

Making and Receiving Phone Calls

This is where the Jabra Freeway really shines. The three speakers couple with dual microphones ensures that the conversation is great on both ends. The mics have active noise cancellation and will, therefore, filter any background noise when making a call. For the period I have been using the Freeway speakerphone I have only had one instance when the other person could not hear me clearly. I was on a freeway doing 60 mph with my car windows open. I am positive that in all the other instances the people on the other end usually believe I am talking directly through my phone.

The FM Transmitter

The Freeway speakerphone allows you to project sound to your car speakers through the FM transmitter. It automatically scans for available frequencies and will notify through the in-built voice. This saved me a lot of time that I would have used to manually go through the frequencies. If you are experiencing interruptions then you can use the volume buttons to scan for a frequency with better signal.

The sound projected to the car speakers is decent but only on low volumes. If you crank it up too much then you will have trouble hearing anything due to echos.

Voice Commands

The Jabra Freeway voice command system is pretty deep. For starters it allows you to receive or ignore a call without touching any button. And because looking at your phone to see who is calling is a distraction in itself, the Freeway speakerphone comes with a spoken caller ID feature. But your phone has to be compatible with the Bluetooth Phonebook Access Profile (BPAP).

Jabra Freeway Voice Commands

For the other commands like redialing or playing music, you will need to tap the voice command activation button first. You can also use voice control to check the remaining battery percentage or pair the Freeway with another mobile device. The Freeway can connect with up to 7 devices. If the commands are too many for you to remember you can utilize the “What Can I Say” command and the speakerphone will list all the available commands.

The battery life on this speaker is impressive giving you about 14 hours of talk time and 40 days of standby time. It only took me 2 hours to charge the speakerphone to completion. 14 hours is a really long time and depending on how busy you are they speaker can last for almost a month before it needs charging.

Jabra Freeway Charging

To help you save battery power the Jabra Freeway comes with a motion sensor. If it does not detect motion in the car for a long period then it automatically shuts off. Once you get back into the car then it will detect the motion and turn back on. If that does not work you can reactivate it again by pressing the call button.


At the time of writing this review, the Jabra Freeway speaker is going for around $99 on their online shop. You think that is expensive? Even after I told you that you face a penalty of about $150 dollars if found driving while using your phone? I didn’t think so. What’s the point of buying a $20 Bluetooth speaker then end up getting a ticket because it had poor reception and you were forced to use your phone? If you want to save a few bucks you can check out the speakerphone here.

But if you still think that’s too much for you then you may want to consider the Jabra Tour. Its still offers great sound quality and connection strength but at a cheaper price. Of course, it won’t have all the Freeway features but for a lower price its a worthy compromise.


The Jabra Freeway speaker may not be the cheapest option around but for the features it offers, it is worth every last penny. And the fact that you can use it for other functions other than making and receiving calls makes it a no brainer for me. At this point, I feel I have said everything there is to say about the speaker and so the ball is now in your arms. Is it the speaker you are looking for? I hope so.

Jabra Freeway

Design - 8
Features - 8
Performance - 10


Equipped with three speakers, the Jabra Freeway is one of the best sounding Bluetooth speakerphone you can have right now. It may not be the cheapest but you get value for your money

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