iSecCon 2018 Set To Be The Greatest CyberSecurity Conference Of The Year: Final Call For Presenter Abstracts

The Intel Security Conference (iSecCon) 2018 is a platform where security experts from corporations and the government as well as individual researchers are able to share cutting edge ideas to improve the landscape of cybersecurity. This year’s conference is scheduled to be held on the 4th and 5th of December at the Intel Corporation Ronler Acres 4 (RA4) Campus. The deadline for abstract registration is set accordingly to the 25th of July and authors can expect to hear from the organizers by the 6th of August.

This year’s program committee consists of the Rodrigo Branco, Deepak K Gulpta, Marion Marschalek, Martin Dixon, and Vincent Zimmer, the Chief Security Researcher, Security Researcher, Senior Security Researcher, Chief Security Architect, and Senior Principal Engineer at Intel, respectively. The team also includes outside experts such as: Matt Miller, Partner at Microsoft Corporation, Cesar Cerrudo, the CTO of IOActive, Thomas Dullien, Staff Engineer at Google Project Zero, and Shay Gueron, Senior Principal Engineer at Amazon Web Services.

With just a day left for the submission of papers, a final call has been issued by Intel to request any last submissions for this year’s conference. Authors are requested to submit their abstracts to an independent conference managing site: Easy Chair. They are also requested to mention the general topic of the speech, a brief biography of self including organization affiliations, a brief summary of their talk, speech duration, citations of references alluded to in the speech, list of other conferences spoken in, whether a Visa is required to attend the conference, relevance of the topic to Intel, changes they would like to see at Intel, and whether any special equipment is required for the delivery of the speech. Authors are requested not to disclose any personal information and can be assured that Intel will not be a part of the abstract evaluation process to infer any bias. Once the abstracts are in, speakers will be shortlisted to speak on the occasion and will be required to sign a non-disclosure agreement as well as a personal release waiver to allow Intel to showcase this year’s speakers’ photographs and biographies on their website. Speakers will be allotted an hour of speaking time as well as an additional 10 minutes for Q&A.

Authors who are selected to speak from within the US will have all of their travel expenses covered. International speakers will be granted a USD $1200 travel allowance each. All speakers will be given free accommodation for the two nights of the conference. They will be invited to the social events that will be a part of the event as well as a separate dinner for the speakers. Above all, being a part of this conference will give authors a fantastic networking experience with likeminded individuals over topics that could shape shared tomorrows.

What guests of the conference can expect is wonderful debate, discussion, and presentations on topics such as exploit development techniques, hardware hacking, reverse engineering, cryptography, communication security, web application security, rootkits, denial of service attacks, side channel and physical attacks, AI and machine learning, security in WiFi and VoIP environments, privacy, automotive, block chain, IOT, and emerging threat intelligence as well as techniques for the development of secure software and systems. The iSecCon is set to be the greatest security conference of the year with piles of revolutionary thinking and techniques coming out of it. Appuals will be closely following this conference to bring to you all the updates and developments that come out of this tech event.

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iSecCon 2018 Set To Be The Greatest CyberSecurity Conference Of The Year: Final Call For Presenter Abstracts

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