Is There Any Key on the Keyboard Which is Useless

Keyboards, that are used for laptops and computers, have about 104 keys (yes I counted the keys on my laptop to be sure). Now out of those 104 keys, it might be hard to decide which is the most useless, because there are many keys, in my opinion, which should not be here.

Let’s look at a few keys from the keyboard which are commonly used and cannot or should not be removed from the keyboard what so ever.

  1. The Enter key. To go ahead with a step/function, just how clicking on the tab for OK works.
  2. The spacebar. You cannot create space when you are writing on any software without the space bar. So it is a big NO NO to remove this key from the keyboard.
  3. The alphabets, numbers and the punctuation marks. Since most of what we write on the computer includes a language like English, and all of these make a proper structure of the sentence, so you probably cannot survive without these keys.
  4. Backspace. The eraser to our technical errors.
  5. the keys for Ctrl, Alt, and Shift are often used for keyboard shortcuts to make a computer user work more effectively. So removing these cannot be an option.
  6. The function keys, are there on the top of the keyboard because each of these has a function to run. And these are mostly technically oriented, for example, if you press F1, you will enter a full-screen mode. And these are also the keys commonly used by programmers and gamers, so we cannot call these keys ‘useless’ by any chance.
    It looks like almost all the keys might be just as useful as we think.

Now, let’s have a look at the extra keys, which in my opinion are pretty much extras on the keyboard and can be considered useless for a person like me.

  1. First things first, we have a huge keyboard space, this does not mean that be to duplicate the keys, just to make the keyboard look ‘filled’. For instance, there are two keys for each, shift, alt and ctrl. One set towards the left end side of the keyboard, and the other right before the numeric keys. Now, whenever I have used the shift key or the keys for alt and ctrl, I always use the ones which are on the left side of the keyboard. Repeating these keys on the right side of the keyboard, in my opinion, is pretty useless. One copy of each key is enough.
  2. The Windows key, which is actually the menu key for windows laptops. Now has anyone ever used this key to open the menu? I usually just scroll my cursor to the left corner, that is just easier for me to access the menu. In a way, it can be said that this key is pretty useless to me.
  3. On my keyboard, I have the Home and End keys, which I have never used in my entire life of this laptop and do not intend to use, so you can call these useless keys for me too.
    A Keyboard Key That We Might Not Survive Without

However, which key on the keyboard is useless, would have different answers from people with different educational backgrounds. For a person who is working for a tech company, and working in the tech sector, might consider these keys useful which have been labeled as useless by me. The use of all keys on the keyboard depends on ‘who’ is using the laptop.


Habiba Rehman

Major love for reading, but writing is what keeps me going. Dream to publish my own novels someday.
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