Is KMS different from KMSL?

KMS stands for ‘Kill Myself’. It is used on the social media forums like Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr, by young adults and teenagers to show how annoyed they are of a certain situation that they want to ‘KMS’.  The usage of KMS is mostly when either the person using it is irritated or frustrated by a situation.

However, adding a single alphabet ‘L’ after ‘KMS’, makes it an acronym used when you find something extremely funny. Here, KMSL stands for ‘Killing Myself Laughing’.The trend of using KMS has been the most popular in text messaging , especially on apps like Whats App. People don’t only use it for messaging, but they also upload pictures and update statuses.

Is KMS Used only for ‘Kill Myself?’

While KMS is popularly used only for ‘Kill Myself’, there are other meanings as well, which are seen being used over the internet. Some of them include the following alternate meanings for KMS.

  • Kilometres, which I have used throughout my school life. Especially in mathematics as ‘kilometres’ was often written on the board by the teachers.
  • Killing Me Softly or Kill me softly, is another form of the KMS which we have spoken about in the previous paragraphs. Here, the meaning of these 3 abbreviations of KMS, means almost the same. That is, ‘Kill Myself’, ‘Killing Myself Softly’ and ‘Kill Me Softly’, are all used in the same context.
  • Kansas Medical Society is also abbreviated as KMS, but is not a common internet acronym.

How to use ‘KMS’ for ‘Kill Myself’, or ‘Kill Myself Softly’?

The young adults, and along with a an age bracket of young teenagers, are the regular users of KMS. Because they get into situations of high school life and college life, which makes them angry on every bit, the trend shows that it is this young generation that uses KMS the most.

People, who use KMS, only use it in a figurative sense. They don’t literally mean to kill themselves. However, this acronym might increase the concerns of many if they read it under an uploaded picture or even if they read it as someone’s status. A KMS status can make you feel a bit worried about that certain person.

For instance, you worked really hard for a test, but got a C in the test. This might have upset you a lot, and resultantly, you message your friend feeling really disappointed in life. You send a picture of the test to your friend, with a message, KMS.

KMS is just an expression to show your disappointment level. KMS shows that you are so angry or so disappointed with what just happened with you, that you want to kill yourself for it (not literally). While it might be very bothersome for others who are reading this because they can’t quiet tell whether you are serious or are just saying it as an expression. And to understand the difference between KMSL and KMS, you must read the following examples.

Examples of KMS

Example 1

Helen: I am so excited about my brother coming home. He is coming after a year. It feels like I havent seen him in ages.
Jen: Auw, that is cool. I hope you have a great weekend with him.
(After 20 minutes)
Helen: KMS!!!
Jen: Why? What happened?
Helen: Just spoke to my brother. He isn’t coming this weekend. -_-
Jen: Heyy, why? You were so excited about him coming home.
Helen: He knows the answer to that. I hanged the phone as soon as he said ‘I am sorry Helen’.
Jen: Don’t be sad, he will come next weekend?
Helen: Honestly, I don’t care anymore.

Example 2

Gerard: What happened?
Tee: We were all set to go for a family weekend. And guess what happened?
Gerard: What?
Tee: Our car broke down. And it won’t start. This sucks.
Gerard: It does. Don’t worry though. How many days are you guys going for?
Tee: Were*, not now.

Example 3

Sara: What happened?
Fiz: You don’t want to know.
Sara: Spill!!!!
Fiz: I just saw Linta wearing the same dress you are wearing today.
Sara: NO!!!! are you sure?
Fiz: (sends a picture)
Sara: KMS! What do I do now?
Fiz: Not come? Just kidding. Wear the same dress. You’d nail the look better than her!

Example 4

Zee: I am not coming to Dan’s party.
Maheen: KMS! I am ready. You cannot bail on me like this.
Zee: I am sorry, guests have come over and my mother won’t let me out.
Maheen: You aren’t coming to the party because you have guest over? -_- KMS!!!!!!!!!!
Zee: Don’t kill yourself. Let me figure something out.
Maheen: Don’t just figure something out. Be there in 15 minutes or I swear I will not talk to you.
Zee: Come on!
Maheen: I am serious.K.
Zee: -_-

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